Why Bulk Bags are Great for Storing Seeds and Grains?

January 11, 2022 FIBC Bulk Bags
Why Bulk Bags are Great for Storing Seeds and Grains?

Agricultural products like seeds and grains need a dry, moisture-free environment to retain their freshness for long. Gunny bags were traditionally used to store such products. With time, agriculturists experimented with rigid containers made of metal and plastic until they discovered the convenience of FIBC bulk bags. Rigid containers are cumbersome to handle on many counts. But, FIBCs offer multiple benefits that fit agricultural produce like hand-in-glove. Let us explore the factors that make bulk bags a great option for storing grains and seeds. 

Protection from moisture

Grains and seeds need dry storage to prevent the formation of mould. Mould can ruin the entire produce, leading to a loss in investment. With FIBCs, you have the option of sealing the filled bags to keep the contents safe from moisture, thus enhancing the shelf life of the product. You can choose to customize the bulk bags with an in-built polypropylene or polyethylene film to secure the contents further. 

Shield from pest infestation

Pest infestation is commonplace in the case of grains and seeds that can lead to the contamination of the entire lot, thus denting your profit margins. Hence, it is important to safeguard them from insects, rodents, and birds. Bulk bags, made of interwoven polypropylene strands, are sturdy and hard to infiltrate by pests making these the perfect storage solution to store your grains and seeds safely.

Ease of handling

Filling storage containers with grains and seeds, transporting the packages, and unloading the contents as required, is quite a hassle resulting in over or under-filling and spilling too. You can choose the bulk bags with inlets and outlets that suit your product the most, thus avoiding the associated hazards.

Space Saving

You can simply fold empty FIBCs and store them. On the other hand, the structural features of these bags allow them to be stacked up neatly when filled with grains and seeds, taking up minimal space for storage. Adding baffles to your bulk bags will additionally help these to stack upright without bulging out in the middle, thus reducing the chances of the pile tumbling down.

Cost Saving

Bulk bagsoffer the most economical solution for storing grains and seeds. Right from the time the produce is harvested at the farm until it reaches the processor via the market, grains and seeds can conveniently be stored throughout the journey in FIBCs.

If you are an agriculturist and in need of packaging solutions for your farm produce, contact BRCGS-certified food-grade FIBC supplier Bulk Corp International today.

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