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Uses of Conductive/Type C FIBC BagsUses of Conductive/Type C FIBC BagsDecember 13, 2022FIBC Conductive BagsConductive Bags are highly in demand for their excellent ability to dissipate electrostatic charges generated inside the bags. Conductive Bags are Type C FIBC bags made of specially designed Conductive fabrics with interwoven conductive yarns. The conductive properties & design of Conductive bags make them the foremost choice & safest FIBC Bags in the Indian & Global markets for storing, handling, and […]continue reading
Reasons Why Conductive Bags Are Growing in PopularityReasons Why Conductive Bags Are Growing in PopularityJune 14, 2021FIBC Conductive BagsThe popularity of FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) has grown immensely in recent years. There are various types of FIBC bags or bulk bags used for the storage and transportation of bulk goods like chemicals, petrochemicals, minerals, food, seeds, and agro-products. Conductive Bags or Conductive Type C Bags refer to the class of FIBCs designed […]continue reading
A Mini Guide on Conductive FIBC BagsA Mini Guide on Conductive FIBC BagsMarch 23, 2021FIBC Conductive BagsConductive FIBC bags, also known as Type C Conductive bags or Anti-Static Bags, are an industry standard for handling and storage of combustible and flammable materials. Because of the critical nature of the job they do, these bags have to follow certain standards to validate their function and quality. If you’re looking to purchase Conductive […]continue reading