How the Dairy Industry Benefits From Using FIBC Bulk Bags

November 18, 2021 FIBC Bulk Bags
How the Dairy Industry Benefits From Using FIBC Bulk Bags

The dairy industry is not all about fresh milk going from the farm to the table of consumers every morning. Large volumes of milk are processed into dairy powder and other dairy products.

While much of it is done to prevent spoilage since milk is a highly perishable item, even processed dairy products aren’t completely safe from potential damage unless they are packaged and stored right. The slightest amount of moisture can spoil the entire batch of produce. In steps here FIBCs. Also known as Bulk Bags or Jumbo Bags, FIBCs offer an efficient and cost-effective way to store and transport dairy products, especially the fine and flowable dairy powder. 

Let us walk you through the benefits that dairy businesses can reap from using FIBC bulk bags.

Cost Savings

Traditionally, powdered milk was handled in large plastic and metal containers. Besides being bulky and inflexible even when empty, these containers are expensive in comparison to the new-age alternative of FIBCs. Added to it is the cost of cleaning the containers after each run. Overall, FIBC bulk bags offer a sustainable and economical solution for the handling of dairy powders.

Ease of Storage

Finely milled or powdered substances like milk powder can turn a container filling attempt into a messy affair with just a whiff of air. Bulk bag filling equipment and the easy filling mechanism of FIBCs makes loading dairy powders a cakewalk, thus considerably reducing spillage. Moreover, with a modified air packaging system, the product remains safe from any contamination.

Space Efficiency

One of the features of FIBCs is that they can be easily folded and stacked when not in use. So, if you have empty multi-use bulk bags or new ones delivered to your facility, you can conveniently fold them up to stack for later use without using a huge warehouse space. This also reduces storage costs.

Protection From Moisture

Moisture causes dairy products to spoil easily. Hence the traditional use of inflexible containers for the product. However, bulk bags offer a convenient solution to the problem of moisture incursion of dairy powders. FIBCs are breathable by nature. However, an additional layer of polyethylene liner can act as a protective shield that can keep your product dry and safe for handling.

Guard Against Pest Infestation

The dairy powder is an easy target for common pests like rodents and insects. Even if your storage facility is clean of such pest infestation, however, during transit, the packages may attract the attention of pests. The sealed protection of FIBCs will offer strong security to the product even during transit, thus keeping it safe from deadly contamination.

Want to test out the above benefits of FIBCs for your dairy business? Call the packaging experts at BulkCorp International for more information.

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