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The Importance of Bulk Density When Choosing FIBC BagsThe Importance of Bulk Density When Choosing FIBC BagsApril 12, 2022FIBC BagsDo you know the bulk density of your product? Bulk density can make a big difference in the packaging of your product, especially for dry, flowable goods that are best stored in FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk container) bags. A product’s bulk density will impact the flow of powder or grain through the packaging equipment; hence, […]continue reading
How the Dairy Industry Benefits From Using FIBC Bulk BagsHow the Dairy Industry Benefits From Using FIBC Bulk BagsNovember 18, 2021FIBC Bulk BagsThe dairy industry is not all about fresh milk going from the farm to the table of consumers every morning. Large volumes of milk are processed into dairy powder and other dairy products. While much of it is done to prevent spoilage since milk is a highly perishable item, even processed dairy products aren’t completely […]continue reading
Using FIBC Bulk Bags for Wet ProductsUsing FIBC Bulk Bags for Wet ProductsJuly 26, 2021FIBC Bulk BagsConventionally FIBC Bulk Bags are used to store and transport solid dry bulk materials. However, with the increasingly widespread application of these bags, also known as Bulk Bags or FIBC Totes, businesses are finding innovative ways to use them.  Materials for which FIBC Bags were not previously considered, such as wet solids, liquids, and other moist products, are now finding usage in these packaging solutions. Although the constraints of handling wet products in an FIBC Bulk Bag remains, top FIBC bags suppliers like Bulk Corp offer solutions that […]continue reading