Top 4 Reasons for Using Bulk Bags for Agricultural Products

March 30, 2021 Packaging Solution
Top 4 Reasons for Using Bulk Bags for Agricultural Products

With the rise in globalization and population, the demand for food to be shipped has increased more than ever before. It is estimated that by the mid-century the projected population of the world is expected to touch close to 10 billion people and food growers and producers would have to supply about 70 per cent more food than they are today. These demands are met by bulk packaging materials.

Here are four important reasons why you should use bulk bags for agricultural products.

Safety from Moisture and Pest Damage

Polypropylene bulk bags are water as well as moisture resistant. A special feature of these FIBC is that it prevents mildew and mould growth. Additionally, bulk bags keep the products safe from pests, increasing their shelf-life.

Highly Durable over Long Transits

Prolonged strength and durability are important aspects of bulk packaging. Long-distance transit requires tough and innovative packaging to protect the products and go the distance. Also, being tear-resistant prevents the products from spilling or being damaged.

Eco-Friendly Protection

Eco-friendliness is the need of the hour. With that in mind, these bulk bags require no harvesting of trees and produce minimal waste during production. The call is further answered by-products that are made from recycled materials. The added option of reusing and recycling along with the durability they come with adds to their environmental friendliness. Protecting the land through sustainable packaging material guarantees crops for producers in the future.

Improved Workers’ Safety

Lifting drums and sacks not only strain the backs of your employees but adds the risk of severe damage in the event of something going wrong. Farm accidents are known to cause short-term or loss of working capabilities.

Bulk Bags for agricultural purposes with various handling options pass on the lifting and moving to forklifts, and other equipment. This mitigates the risk that workers could face due to manual labour.

Damaged agricultural goods are a waste of valuable resources. Agricultural bulk containers help to cut down the waste, protect harvested crops, while they are stored in warehouses until the time for transportation arrives. Businesses can therefore rest assured of a healthy, profitable harvest.

Bulk packaging options fulfil the requirements of the agricultural industry and accomplish the needs of a growing, hungry population. An added benefit of this eco-friendly storage and transit option is that it reduces waste and costs without compromising on the value it provides. Bulk Corp International has been producing Bulk Bags for the agricultural industry for over two decades now. These Agriculture packaging suppliers are a strong, technology-driven organization believing in Quality through Innovation, they have been ensuring that they exceed client expectations.

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