Food-Grade FIBC Bulk Bag Manufacturer

November 13, 2019 FIBC
Food-Grade FIBC Bulk Bag Manufacturer

A Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container or FIBC is a bulk bag for storage and transportation of goods. The FIBC Bulk Bag is a popular and beneficial choice because they ensure the safety and extended life of your goods. FIBC Bulk Bags(FIBC Totes) are generally used for goods that are in solid dry bulk form like powders, granules and are capable of packing both Food Grade and Non- Food Grade Products.

Salient Features of Food Grade Bag Manufacturer:

The storage and transportation of food products follow strict quality guidelines and standard practices. Food Grade FIBC Bulk Bags are specifically manufactured to cater to food products. Some of the salient characteristics that define Food Grade Bulk Bag Manufacturers are tailored solutions such as:

  • Hygienic manufacturing unit without contamination possibilities
  • Usage of Food Grade materials and 100% virgin raw materials
  • Elimination of spilling and contamination possibilities of products stored
  • Certification and inspection by leading quality and safety organizations
  • Prevention of loose thread contamination
  • Metal detection
  • Trained professionals managing the cleanroom facility
  • Scientific designs that maximize capacity and are built to last
  • Inner liners for Food Grade FIBC Bulk Bags / Totes where applicable

Certifications Required

Food Grade FIBC Bulk Bags come in direct contact with Food products packed inside the bag. Therefore, the Bulk Bag manufacturer should be certified and conduct practiced as per international standards in clean room production facilities. Bulk Corp International is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14000: 2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and BRC-ISSUE V, certified company by INTERTEK.

The importance of trust

Food-grade FIBC bulk bag manufacturers establish their credibility through their supply outreach. Bulk Corp is a leading FIBC bulk bag supplier that caters to clients all throughout the globe reputed for their commitment to quality standards and non-polluting products. Request a quote for Bulk Bags specific to your requirements.

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