What Makes Jumbo Bags an Ideal Packaging Solution for the Malting Industry?

February 11, 2022 FIBC Bulk Bags
What Makes Jumbo Bags an Ideal Packaging Solution for the Malting Industry?

With the rising popularity of craft breweries, the malting industry is on a roll. With escalating demands, the need for efficient, durable, and economical bulk packaging has also increased within the industry.

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC), also known as Jumbo Bags, Big Bags, or Bulk Bags, have emerged as the perfect packaging solution that checks all these boxes and more. As such, malting businesses are switching over to woven polypropylene FIBC bags to transport the malted barley or wheat to the breweries. Let us see why.

Food-grade packaging

The competitive beer market requires stringent quality control of the grains from the field to the brewery. It’s not just about getting the malting process right. The packaging plays a big role in maintaining the quality of the final product per the market expectations. This involves the use of food-grade packaging solutions to prevent contamination during storage or transportation while retaining the flavour, aroma, colour, and most importantly, the quality of fermentable sugars.

Made of virgin polypropylene manufactured in a certified hygienic production unit maintaining stringent standards, Jumbo bags are considered food-grade quality. Hence, certified food-safe FIBCs are the apt solution for packaging and handling your produce.


FIBCs offer the lowest package to product weight ratio, meaning that the weight of the empty packages is negligible to the volume they handle eventually. Moreover, empty packages require a minimal storage area. FIBCs are built to accommodate large volumes, thus reducing your packaging cost considerably. Loaded jumbo bags are easy to stack up and thus take limited space to store and transport too, making them a cost-effective choice.


Your clients may demand your malted produce in various forms: green malt, malt dried in varying temperatures, or roasted malt. Your packaging for each form of malt will have to be different to retain their unique constituency. Jumbo bags offer you the flexibility to customize your packaging as per specific requirements at economical rates, making them the most convenient packaging option.

Branding scope

FIBCs offer a wide printable surface suitable for prominently visible branding. You can ask your jumbo bag suppliers to custom print the details of your company and product on the surface of the FIBCs. This way, you can utilize valuable branding space for product promotion and reach more potential customers through your packaging.

Do you own a malting business? Are you looking for a new-age packaging solution for your malted produce? Allow the experts at BulkCorp International to induct you into the world of high quality FIBC Bags that can ease all your packaging worries.

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