A Quick Guide to Jumbo Bags Types and their Uses

September 10, 2020 FIBC, Packaging Solution
A Quick Guide to Jumbo Bags Types and their Uses

If you’re on the lookout for Jumbo Bags for your business, finding the right product can often be a challenge. 

Depending on your needs and purpose, there are several Jumbo bag types you can choose from. Here’s a brief overview of the types of FIBC Jumbo bags that are available at Bulk Corp International. But before we dive into the different Jumbo bag types, let us answer a few basic questions.

What are the Jumbo Bags?

Jumbo Bags, also known as FIBC Jumbo Bags or Bulk Bags, are the preferred choice for nearly every industry today that needs to store, pack and transport solid dry bulk materials. Besides their space- and cost-saving qualities, these specially designed bags are known for their flexibility of use, weight carrying capacities, and ability to withstand tough conditions.

Why Do You Need the Right Jumbo Bag Type?

You need to select the right bag to ensure safe and efficient handling. During the filling and discharging of Jumbo bags, there is often a build-up of static electricity due to the fine, powdered substances flowing in or out of the bags. This can pose a risk when transporting flammable or combustible goods. With the right type of FIBC Jumbo bag, such occurrences can be prevented.

Types of FIBC Jumbo Bags and their Applications

Broadly speaking, four types of jumbo bags are manufactured and these types of bags carry out different jumbo bag applications.

Standard FIBC Bags:

This is the most common jumbo bag type that comes with a load capacity of 500- 2000 kgs. These jumbo bag dimensions are ideal for carrying non-flammable dry goods such as agro-products, chemicals, and construction materials like sand, stone, gravel, etc. and can be customized to your requirements. Based on the structure, standard Jumbo bags can be further classified into 1 & 2 LOOP FIBC Bags and 4 LOOP FIBC Bags.

Conductive FIBC Bags:

Also known as Type C FIBC bags, these are manufactured using non-conductive polypropylene fabrics that are interwoven with conductive threads to be connected to a grounding point during filling or discharging. Not only are these bags apt for storing and transporting flammable goods, but also the safest option for environments with explosive gases, dust, or solvents.

FIBC Baffle Bags/Q-Bags

This category of FIBC Jumbo bags is designed with polypropylene baffles sewn across the four corners to increase their filling capacity to nearly 30% compared to standard FIBCs. Some of the benefits of these bags include better stackability, shape retention, space optimization, and protection from spillage.

UN Certified FIBC Bags

While standard FIBCs meet a safety ratio of 5:1, our UN certified Jumbo bags offer an outstanding safety ratio of 6:1. As such, these bags are designed for heavy-duty purposes. The rigid build and durability of these bags make them ideal for storing and carrying volatile or hazardous substances.

Ventilated FIBC Bags

Strong, breathable, and protective against moisture and mould, these bags have been specially designed to store and transport grains, seeds, and perishable food items like onions, potatoes, etc.

Trust the Best, Trust Bulk Corp

At Bulk Corp International, we manufacture a wide range of FIBC Bulk Bags and tailor them to customer specifications, meeting the storage and transportation needs across industries. We follow top manufacturing practices complying with global standards and maintain stringent quality control to make sure every FIBC product is superior in quality and offers the best value for money. For further information, contact us today.

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