Usage of Baffle FIBC Bags in the Agricultural Sector

November 02, 2022 Baffle Bags
Usage of Baffle FIBC Bags in the Agricultural Sector

Baffle FIBC Bags are one of the preferred bags in FIBC Category. They are made by using extra pieces of fabric or any other material which are sewn across each corner of a 4-Panel Bag to improve the squareness of the bag and help in retaining a cubical shape even after being filled to its full capacity.

Baffle bags come with a strong outer layer which helps in safeguarding any kind of leakage, spillage, or damage. Baffle Bags are the most effective due to their stability, storage & stackability.

Due to the Baffle Bag’s unique shape, it consumes limited storage space even after being filled to its full capacity and reduces transportation costs by 30% compared to other FIBC Bags.

Application of Baffle Bag

Baffle FIBC Bags are the finest bags which have the excellent ability to prevent moisture from passing through their fabric and thus serve as the best FIBC Bag for storing Agricultural Produce.

Baffle Bags are primarily used for storing & transporting agricultural products like

  • Food grains
  • Beans
  • Seeds
  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Corn
  • Soybeans
  • Vegetables & Fruits

Baffle Bags offer 30% more storage space compared to other FIBC Bags and they also have the capability for storing goods weighing up to 2,000 KG and that is why Baffle Bags are the best when it comes to storing Agricultural Produce.

Agricultural Produce requires to be stored in bags that have the capacity to avoid any kind of damage, leakages & spillage. Also, bags should be able to expand their size by retaining their original cubical shape without getting torn or damaged.

Baffle Bags ticks all the boxes by serving all purposes of the Agricultural sector. It allows businesses to load a good number of food grains, wheat, beans & other food products without the bag being damaged and offers more storage space compared to other FIBC Bags.

Baffle Bags have the ability to stand in neat shape and not bulge even after loading Agricultural products to their full capacity which makes it aesthetically appealing.

At Bulk Corp International, we offer the highest quality of Baffle Bags and they are 100% Virgin Polypropylene which makes it light-weight and resilient, designed to meet your storage needs.

At Bulk-Corp International, our Baffle FIBC Bags are beneficial for seed processing plans. Our Baffle Bags have a robust inner lamination that prevents weather factors from spoiling seeds. They are exemplary for extending the lifespan of seeds & the best FIBC bag for the storage of seeds.


At Bulk Corp International, you will get 100% quality assurance with all our products. We are ISO certified when it comes to maintaining the quality of our products, safety of our employees, and manufacturing in an environment-friendly manner.

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