Choosing FIBC Q Bags For Your Storage Needs

August 06, 2019 FIBC
Choosing FIBC Q Bags For Your Storage Needs

The bulk packing in recent days is seen with very economic options selected in packaging, utilizing maximum space in the container. Looking at that FIBC Q Bag is a specific design that allows containers loading with maximum space used. The Square shape design bag has its unique self-standing capability to perfectly fit on pallets. Due to its form stable / square shape design, bags do not lean or have unstable conditions.

Q bags have a variety of options in construction like PP woven baffles / LDPE lined baffles / Net Baffles / Aluminum Lines baffles, etc.

We support customers by giving customized solutions on baffles bags with appropriate economic solutions.

Key Benefits of FIBC Q Bag

  • One of the biggest benefits of these baffle FIBC Bags is that they can store 30% more material per bag as compared to other standard FIBC Bags because their design ensures the material flows to the 4 corners of the bag.
  • These bags allow you to optimize storage space and also reduce spillage.
  • The fact that these bags maintain their cubic form means you can stack them easily, in a more planned manner, which helps your warehouse look neater, cleaner, and aesthetically appealing.
  • The FIBC Q Bag/baffle Bag doesn’t go beyond the pallet dimension after being filled.

Q bags are definitely a great option for your storage needs. Contact your baffle bag supplier now!

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