Things You Should Know About FIBC Bags with Baffles

September 24, 2020 Baffle Bags, FIBC, Packaging Solution
Things You Should Know About FIBC Bags with Baffles

Whether your business deals with agricultural products, building materials, chemicals, or plastics, you need a tough and reliable packaging solution that helps you store and transport your products in a safe and contamination-free manner. Ultimately, ensuring that your goods reach your customers in an undamaged and well-preserved condition impacts your reputation and profitability. This is where FIBC Bags (also known as Bulk Bags) come in. They offer the ease, safety, and cost-savings of stowing or transporting goods that hardly any other packaging solution can match!

FIBC Bulk Bags come in many different shapes and sizes which you can choose from based on your requirement. FIBC Q Bags or Baffle Bags are designed to optimize the available space in a container.

Choosing these specially constructed Bulk Bags over regular FIBC Bags can have a big impact on the overall cost. They not only maximize storage in a limited space but also allow you to carry larger amounts at one go.

Depending on your product and application, you might need a Bulk Bag that is capable of holding heavy loads without losing their square shape, enabling you to stack them space-efficiently. If this is the case, then FIBC Q Baffle Bag is the ideal solution for you.

What are Baffle Bulk Bags?

Baffle Bags, which also go by the name of FIBC Q Bags, are a type of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) Bag that is constructed to retain their square shape and form after filling. Leading Baffle Bag manufacturers like Bulk Corp International create these bags with distinct inner construction called “baffles”, hence the name. These baffles are basically extra fabric panels that are sewn into each of the four corners of the bags going across the side seams.

When regular FIBC bulk bags are filled to their optimum capacity, they can bulge out at the sides because of the internal pressure of the packed goods weighing them down. This makes the bulk bags get broader in the middle, with the sides bulging outwards.

The additional feature of baffles in FIBC Q Bags strengthens the structural integrity of the bags allowing them to better hold their cubical shape after being filled. This sort of design makes the bags less ‘bulging’, making them easier to fill, store, or stack.

The fabric of the bag is designed to allow the product to flow into all the corners. For usage in the food or agro-industry, you can choose an FIBC Q Bag with heat-sealed baffles. These bags can also be made with sift proof on the stitching for better storage of fine, powdery goods like flour, soil, cement, etc.

Compared to regular FIBC bags, FIBC Q Bags are more stable, sturdy, and stackable, thus reducing overall storage space by 20-25% and transportation costs to up to 30%.

Types of Baffle Bags

Baffle Bulk Bags are typically constructed in two different types: U-panel and 4-panel.

U-Panel Baffle Bags

These baffle bags come with three body panels — one that goes along the full length of the bag, which becomes the bottom and two sides of the bag, while two additional fabric panels form the other two sides. Similar to all other baffle bag constructions that help to retain the square shape of the bags, the U-Panel Baffle Bags too show excellent retention of structural integrity.

4-Panel Baffle Bags

These bags are made with four separate pieces of fabric sewn together to assemble a square structure. Just like other types of baffle bags, a 4-Panel baffle bag holds its square shape. In fact, it performs the best in this aspect than the other two types of baffle bags. 

Should You Choose an FIBC Baffle Bag?

Whether you must choose a Baffle Bag or opt for a regular FIBC Bulk Bag will depend entirely on your material and application. Typically, FIBC Q Bags work best for finer powders and find maximum use in the food, agricultural, and chemical industries. However, anyone in need of packing more material within limited space or looking to save costs in storage and transportation can take advantage of the structural and space-saving features of these bags.  

Their robust, reinforced structure makes them a great fit for applications where you need:

·         Better stacking and storage capabilities

·         Neater form factor

·         High structural integrity

·         More seamless storage and handling

Whether you are looking to increase storage amount for less cost or simply want to improve the stackability of your packaged goods, we, at Bulk Corp International are a premier Baffle Bag Supplier that stocks a complete range of Baffle Bulk Bags.

Our highly stable and superior-grade Baffle Bags are available in almost any size. Or, we can also build a custom size for your specific need. We deliver on time and globally. Contact us today for more information. 

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