How Seed Processing Plants Can Benefit from Baffled FIBC Bags

September 17, 2021 Baffle Bags
How Seed Processing Plants Can Benefit from Baffled FIBC Bags

Bulk bags are beneficial in packing and transportation of many agricultural products. The efficiency of Baffled FIBC bags comes from their wide range of size, shape, configuration, durability, and versatility. Depending on the task, which can be either storage or transportation, and the type of product which can be crops, fertilizers, or seeds, the bulk bag construction differs.

When it comes to seed processing plants, a baffled FIBC bulk bag is ideal for seamless seed handling, storage, and transportation.

What are Baffled FIBC Bags?

Baffles are an internal component added to the four corners of the bulk bag construction. Baffled FIBC bags can therefore hold a square shape even when they are filled.

While a standard bulk bag bulges in the middle when it is full, baffled bags maintain their square shape. This property makes them highly stable, stackable, and provides better storage capacity. The square structure also makes space utilisation more efficient during storage and transportation.

What are the Benefits of Using Baffled FIBC Bags?

Baffled FIBC bags find immense popularity and preferred for usage in the food, agricultural, and chemical industries. This does not limit its usability. In fact, any industry or material can take advantage of the unique and practical features of baffled bags.

Their specifications provide the following benefits:

  • reinforced structure provides high structural integrity
  • neater form provides space-saving features
  • packs more material within limited space
  • provides better stacking and storage capabilities

If you are looking to save costs in storage and transportation, in any industrial application, the choice of baffled FIBC makes a lot of sense.

Why Baffled FIBC are Ideal for Seed Processing Plants

Seeds are small, sensitive, and in the agricultural sector require collection, stocking, and shipping in large amounts. Seeds have to be protected from heat and moisture, and from pests.

If required, Baffled FIBC can have a robust inner lamination that keeps weather elements from spoiling seeds. They are ideal for prolonged storage of seeds, and extend the longevity of the product. An ideal property that benefits seed processing plants especially.

The structural stability of baffled bags suits small seeds as they keep it from shifting. Their efficient stacking and optimum use of space saves costs and damages during shipping.

The Right Baffled Bag for Your Seeds

Baffled FIBC bulk bags are indispensable for the collection, organization, shipment, and distribution of seeds. Partner with Bulkcorp International to find the right baffled bag for your specific varieties of seeds in your plant. Our range of superior grade baffled FIBC come in many sizes for all kinds of industrial applications. Call us for a custom specification today!

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