Why are CROHMIQ™ Type D Anti-Static Bulk Bags Renowned for Excellent Static Protection?

May 18, 2023 Type D Bags
Why are CROHMIQ™ Type D Anti-Static Bulk Bags Renowned for Excellent Static Protection?

Numerous industries worldwide, such as chemicals, minerals, construction, and pharmaceuticals, deal in highly sensitive, fine powdery, flammable, combustible, and hazardous products & materials.

It is critical to invest in high-quality packaging solutions for handling dangerous bulk products & materials, as it can jeopardize people’s lives during filling & discharging process where explosive gases or vapors are present.

Hence, static protection is vital to prevent fire, catastrophic blasts, and related unforeseen circumstances. This is where Type D CROHMIQ™ FIBC Bags come into the picture. FIBC Type CType D Bulk Bags have electrostatic properties, which offer protection for dissipating static charges.

Out of the many options available, Type D CROHMIQ™ Bags provide the best protection against static charges and safe handling of combustible products in a highly flammable or combustible environment.

In this blog, we will walk you through why CROHMIQ™ Type D Anti-Static Bulk Bags are renowned for outstanding static protection.

What are Type D CROHMIQ™ FIBC Bags?

Texene is a renowned packaging company based in Miami, Florida. They are the leading provider of Type D CROHMIQ™ yarns. More than 40 million CROHMIQ™ Type D FIBC Bags have been filled & discharged in highly explosive and dangerous environments without any perilous incidents.

CROHMIQ™ FIBC Bags are constantly tested in a world-class testing laboratory. After 20+ years of thorough testing by the world’s top testing labs, CROHMIQ™ technology is proven safe for filling & discharging materials in hazardous environments.

CROHMIQ™ complies with all the National & International safety standards for static protection required in FIBC Bags. Also, worldwide technical support is available to all CROHMIQ™ FIBC Bags users.

How are Type D CROHMIQ™ Bags manufactured?

Type D CROHMIQ™ Bags are manufactured using anti-static and static dissipative fabrics to prevent any occurrence of sparks, brushes, and flares discharges. It is completely different from Type C Conductive FIBC Bags, as it doesn’t require grounding for dissipating static charges.

You can use CROHMIQ™ Type D Bags for safely grounding applications that demand groundable FIBC Bulk Bags. You can safely pack combustible products & handle them securely in flammable environments.

FIBC Bulk bags made with CROHMIQ™ Type D fabrics can be easily recognized by their blue color on branded bag tags. Texene offers white color CROHMIQ™ Type D Fabric to the FIBC Bag Manufacturers that prefer white fabric over blue.

Note: Both white & blue CROHMIQ™ Type D fabrics provide the same level of Electrostatic protection.


After reading the blog, you will have firm clarity regarding Type D CROHMIQ™ FIBC Bags. Because of their remarkable electrostatic properties, they are highly preferred in the FIBC Bag industry and used across numerous industries worldwide, especially in highly flammable and dangerous for the safe handling of flammable goods.

At Bulkcorp International, we import CROHMIQ™ Type D FIBC Bulk Bags fabric from Texene and manufacture bags, supplying them in India and worldwide. Our company is licensed to manufacture CROHMIQ™ Type D Bags.

For any questions or a quotation of our Type D CROHMIQ™ FIBC Bulk Bags, contact us at +91-79-3533 6805 or +91-79-3533 6804 or email us at

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