Uses of Conductive/Type C FIBC Bags

December 13, 2022 FIBC Conductive Bags
Uses of Conductive/Type C FIBC Bags

Conductive Bags are highly in demand for their excellent ability to dissipate electrostatic charges generated inside the bags. Conductive Bags are Type C FIBC bags made of specially designed Conductive fabrics with interwoven conductive yarns.

The conductive properties & design of Conductive bags make them the foremost choice & safest FIBC Bags in the Indian & Global markets for storing, handling, and transporting flammable & combustible materials like pigments, powders etc.

When to use FIBC Conductive Bags?

FIBC Conductive Bags play a vital role during the filling & emptying process. They are employed with grounding tabs that are needed to be earthed to dissipate the electrostatic charge generated around the inner walls of the bag when the bag is filled & discharged.

The electrostatic charge that is generated is dangerous & could lead to jeopardy in the form of ignition or result in combustion. Using Conductive FIBC Bags helps prevent hazardous activities and is best suited for storing & transporting flammable content & combustible materials.

Uses of Conductive FIBC Bags

The primary usage of FIBC Type C Bags (Conductive Bags) is vastly used in industrial areas where the atmosphere contains highly combustible, flammable & explosive content & materials.

It plays a critical role in Industries dealing in chemicals, & fine powder minerals where highly combustible & flammable materials are employed in manufacturing processes.

Conductive Type C FIBC Bags are the best bags for transporting flammable powders as they have remarkable properties for keeping powders safe from combustion, even if flammable gases or solvents are present in other bags during transportation.

Always ensure to ground the bags before each & every usage, be it during the filling or emptying process of the Conductive bags. The grounded tabs & conductive loops in the Conductive FIBC Bags ensure that the electrostatic charges pass safely through the ground without coming in contact with the bags.

Conductive FIBC Bulk Bags are favorable for environments where highly combustible dust, inflammable gases, & flammable vapors are present, having ignition energy equivalent to 0.14mJ or more than that.


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