How Type D Anti-Static FIBCs Ensure Safe Transport of Flammable Powders

May 31, 2021 Type D Bags
How Type D Anti-Static FIBCs Ensure Safe Transport of Flammable Powders

Anti-static FIBC bags, also known as Dissipative FIBC Bags, Type D Bulk Bags, or Groundable Bags., are widely used for the storage and transportation of hazardous materials. Let’s delve into how these bags function and why they are chosen for such applications.

What are Type D Anti-Static FIBC Bags?

Anti-Static Jumbo Bags or dissipative FIBC bags are manufactured from an anti-static fabric with permanent discharge properties. They need quasi-conductive yarns to dissipate charge. They’re designed to work safely within the presence of flammable atmospheres without the need of a ground connection. 

During the process of filling or emptying, the movement of the particles on the surface of the bag causes static electricity accumulation on the inner walls of the bags. If not handled carefully it could lead to accidents especially in the presence of flammable materials in close proximity of the bags. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use Type D Bags while dealing with hazardous substances. Woven using antistatic material and are specifically designed to dissipate the chances of sparks while filling or emptying flammable substances.

The Benefits of Using Anti-Static FIBC Bags

There are many benefits of using Type D FIBC Bags. It is the perfect choice for transporting flammable materials. Another important feature and advantage is that they don’t require to be grounded while being filled or emptied. They safeguard your goods and employees from accidents as they prevent ignition due to static charge build up. These bags are stackable so more amount of storage space can be used. Due to their flexibility, they secure the goods from damages while shipping.

The Uses of Dissipative FIBC Bags

FIBC Type D Bags are by far one of the most versatile FIBCs. Similar to other bulk bags they come with loops for lifting and discharge openings. They can be used to contain huge amounts of materials and can be moved about easily.

Anti-static FIBCs can also be used for transporting hazardous products in the presence of flammable solvents or gases during loading and unloading.

They are primarily used for storing and transporting petrochemicals, chemicals, fertilizers, grains, minerals, fertilizers, construction materials and plastics.

They are eco-friendly and easy to recycle and reuse.

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