The Importance of Selecting the Right Agricultural Packaging Suppliers

October 25, 2019 FIBC
The Importance of Selecting the Right Agricultural Packaging Suppliers

Agricultural products are required to adhere to internationally accepted quality standards across the world. Transit greatly risks the well-being of agricultural products, therefore, selecting the right Agricultural Packaging Suppliers is of paramount importance.

What are FIBC Bulk Bags?

Withstanding contamination risks, spillage threats, etc. is of prime consideration when storing and transporting agricultural products. Agricultural FIBC Bulk bags ensure that the quality of agricultural products are preserved during storage, transportation, and disposal. These FIBC Totes are the standard in packaging but they need to be structurally sound and efficiently produced for maximum benefit.

How to choose the right agricultural FIBC bag supplier?

Considering the importance of FIBC bulk bags in today’s agricultural industry, it’s critical to choose the right bag supplier. Here are some factors to consider.


FIBC bags for agricultural purposes must be made of food-grade materials. Also, worth noting is whether the bags you choose have added an extra layer of protection, especially if you’d be using them for perishable products. Accordingly, look for a supplier that makes use of superior quality virgin polypropylene, food-grade materials, and liners for extra protection against moisture, seepage, and spillage.


It is mandatory for agricultural FIBC bags to meet production specifications in order to be compliant. So, ensure that the supplier you choose for your requirement is certified and adheres to the global manufacturing standards.

Weight to load ratio

FIBC Bulk bags designed with a high weight to load ratio enable producers to efficiently manage cost and time. A supplier that offers FIBC bags of different sizes and load ratios, therefore, can play a big role in helping you maximize your storage, transportation, and disposal.


FIBC Totes can be customized to suit specific requirements such as top attachments, bottom attachments, bag construction, printing, and many more. The option of personalizing FIBC Bulk bags with logos etc. is an added value for agricultural businesses that are aware of brand positioning.

When it comes to agricultural products, time and quality are of the essence. Whether they are seeds, crops, grains, or even fertilizers; they should be in perfect condition at all times. Reputed and reliable agricultural packaging suppliers like Bulk Corp International understand this prerogative and provide solutions to suit your requirements. To know more about our agricultural FIBC bags, contact us today!

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