The Use of FIBCs in the Cannabis and Hemp Industry

January 19, 2022 FIBC
The Use of FIBCs in the Cannabis and Hemp Industry

With the rising awareness of the industrial usage of hemp, and the lifting of governmental restrictions in parts, the hemp and cannabis industry is gaining traction it has never seen before. Estimates project that hemp can be used to make as many as 25000+ products, with every part of the plant finding application including the stalks, seeds, leaves, and flowers. With the wide applicability in industries such as textiles for clothing, automobiles for biofuel, animal feed, insulation, paint, paper, construction, and even as a biodegradable alternative to plastic, the demand for suitable packaging to ensure safe transport of hemp has risen exponentially.

FIBCs find extensive usage as a secure packaging solution in various industries, and the hemp industry is no different. Its inherent properties of lightweight sturdiness can accommodate large volumes with ease besides making the storing and transportation of the packages super convenient.

Let us see how you can use FIBCs or bulk bags for handling hemp and cannabis.

Bag type

FIBCs are available as normal bulk bags and certified food-grade bags. As a hemp grower or industrial hemp processor, you may utilize both these bag types. In the former, you can store your biomass including plant clippings and soil, while the latter is used to handle your hemp harvest for further processing. 


To safeguard your produce from damp and mould formation, you would need breathable bags, allowing maximum airflow. Alternately, you can also use specially constructed bags with inbuilt liners or an outer layer of coating to prevent air intrusion or create a controlled environment by completely sealing the bags through nitrogen flushing. In case you need to keep the filled big bags out in the open for long, get UV inhibitors incorporated in them to prevent sun damage.

Easy filling and discharging 

Needless to say, to maintain the superior quality of your hemp harvest, you need to handle the product with utmost care such that even during filling or discharging, the texture does not get bruised at the least. You could take your pick from open-top or duffle-top bulk bags and flat or enlarged spout bottom for easy handling, depending upon the available filling and discharge mechanisms.

Storing and transporting  

FIBCs make stacking up your help harvest an easy task, given its structural properties that ensure that filled bags are piled up neatly without them tumbling over and creating a mess.

Do you want to know more about reliable and convenient FIBC solutions for your hemp produce? Contact the packaging specialists at Bulk Corp International today. 

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