How to Get Custom FIBC on Demand With Bulkcorp?

October 27, 2021 FIBC
How to Get Custom FIBC on Demand With Bulkcorp?

Sturdy FIBC bags are the preferred choice for millions of businesses around the world, and rightfully so. They outperform traditional packaging materials and single-use plastic by miles!

Also called Jumbo Bags and Super Sacks, they come with a host of benefits. As a leading supplier of FIBC bags, we at Bulkcorp, make sure all our bags are world-class in performance. With a multitude of applications in virtually all kinds of industries, they are truly versatile. There is no debating the fact that these bags are highly customizable. So how do you make sure which is the right fit for your business? Read on to find out.

The Industry & Products

Your choice of the FIBC bag should first be based on the industry you are serving and subsequently, the product type you intend to store. For instance, in industries like food and agriculture, where raw vegetables and fruits need to be transported, ventilated jumbo bags are the right type. Thanks to the all-around airflow ensured through the mesh-like structure, they restrict fungal accumulation and prevent food items from spoilage.

Type D or anti-static bags, as the name suggests are made up of materials that do not allow the build-up of static discharge. This is designed to keep the storage and transportation requirements of flammable products in mind.


There are several options of bags available to suit your filling, discharge and storage requirements. Depending on the type of filling equipment you have, you can choose from the top options like duffle, spout and open-top. For product discharge, there is a multitude of varieties like petal closure, full drop and conical bases – pick what you like!

For ease of storage and transportation, Super Sacks come with a plethora of options. Whether it is hood-lift, side-seam loops or sleeve left, you can find something that fits your needs perfectly.  


A uniquely purposeful product, the Q-bag can hold up to 30% extra than the common jumbo bags. Its aesthetically pleasing design lets the bag retain its shape even filled to the brim.

Q bags also have significantly less spillage due to their optimum usage of space. Q bags are helpful for the packaging of mining, agriculture, food and chemical products.

An ISO certified manufacturer, Bulkcorp was built on a promise of trust and exemplary service. A long list of delighted clients, years of experience and exceptional quality make the go-to place for all bulk demands for FIBC bags and container liners.

Call us today to get your choice of FIBC Jumbo Bags customized to your exact specifications and needs.  

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