Container liner and its Advantages

January 13, 2020 FIBC, Packaging Solution
Container liner and its Advantages

Container Liners are the most economical means of packaging & transporting high quantity of dry, free-flowing products. They are most essential when it comes to the packing needs for bulk shipment of goods, commodities as well as other materials. While we transport the goods from one geographical location to another, it is natural that the goods come in contact with the natural elements like oil, dust, air, soil, etc and all these can spoil or worsen the quality of the goods and many times when it gets excessive contamination, the goods become unfit.

It is very necessary that the goods conform to the quality standards set by the concerned governments of the destination country in order to avoid the transported goods get rejected by the authorities. To deter all these situations, dry bulk container liners are being used as protective layers. With the use of bulk container liners for shipment, goods will be protected safely and contamination is completely avoided.

Container liner can be used for packaging of any kind of dry food materials like Wheat, Rice, Coffee, Pulses, Sugar and all other food items.

For safe and contamination-free packaging, container liners offer a cost-effective, guarding and value packaging Solution.

Advantages of Container Liners

Container liners are suitable for all the transporting needs of the materials. Some of the advantages that should be considered are as under:

●       The container will be ready for use within 10 to 15 minutes

●       Easy to put up and very quick and simple to install.

●       Container Liner can be dispatched with minimal labor costs.

●       Container Liners are environmentally friendly and are also recyclable.

●       They offer a safe and hygienic transport method

●       They eliminate the risk of product loss or damage

●       They are suitable for more bulk commodities to be loaded

●       into the container and high loading capacity

●       Transport costs per tonne get reduced

●       It provides various filling and discharging possibilities

●       They are best suitable for the transportation of foodstuffs.

●       Packaging waste and cleaning cost gets reduced

●       They are suitable for the conversion of any ISO shipping container into a bulk transport system

●       The packing waste gets minimized with these liners

●       They avoid contamination and are also cost-efficient

The filling and discharge options can be customized as per your requirement.

We are the manufacturers of bulk shipment container liners. To fit the varied demands of our customers, we provide quality container liners.

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