Industry Spotlight: New BRCGS Issue 8 – Part 2

May 17, 2022 BRCGS
Industry Spotlight: New BRCGS Issue 8 – Part 2

BRCGS Food Safety Guidelines safeguard the consumer and maintain the integrity of the food and allied industry. Constantly revised to adapt to the changing circumstances, the latest version-Issue 8, replaces the earlier issue with several updates.

We have discussed the revisions directly affecting the FIBC industry in our previous post. Here’s a continuation to discuss some other significant revisions of Issue 8.

Effective Documentation System 

Clause 3.2.1 adds the premises where documents are stored electronically besides being retained physically. The provision requires authorized access to all paper and digital documents, password protection, or control of amendments by an officially appointed person to ensure that tampering with records doesn’t happen. The organization should also appropriately back up the digital records to avoid data loss. 

Internal Audits

Clause 3.4.1 elaborates on the internal audit requirements and gives direction to audit scheduling and conduction. 

The schedule should have four audit dates in a year, with a defined scope for each event. In case there are pending audit activities from a previous session, the organization should carry forward them to the subsequent audit date.  

Internal audits should encompass HACCP implementation activities, hygiene, pest control, and food fraud prevention plans to ensure that the Global Standard for Food Safety requirements is met. 

Raw Material Risk Assessment

Clause warrants the updating of risk assessment of raw material whenever there is: 

  • a change in the raw material sourcing or processing, 
  • a new raw material risk is identified, 
  • a product is recalled/ withdrawn on account of a specific raw material getting implicated, 
  • or, every three years.

Supplier Approval

Clause covers the on-going supplier monitoring and approval process, including primary packaging suppliers. The revision outlines the approval procedure to consider the source of supplier raw materials and supplier audits, including product safety, traceability, HACCP review, and good manufacturing practices. The standard requires that the certificates accepted in the supplier approval process be valid and verified for accuracy.

Raw Material Changes Control Mechanism

Clause is a new provision specifying the control mechanism for approved raw material changes, including primary packaging. BRCGS, with this provision, tries to ensure that only approved raw materials are allowed into the production line. 

Documented Risk Assessment of Deliberate Contamination Attempt 

The elaborated clause 4.2.1 in Issue 8 reflects the good practices to identify and document internal and external malicious attempts to contaminate products. This risk assessment should lead to the documentation of potential risks.

At BulkCorp, we strive to keep up with BRCGS guidelines of safe packaging and good manufacturing practices to continue building upon the goodwill of our food-grade FIBC clients. 

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