Secure Your Cargo, Eliminate Static Charges: Discovering Type D Jumbo Bags

April 12, 2024 Type D Bags
Secure Your Cargo, Eliminate Static Charges: Discovering Type D Jumbo Bags

Sensitive material handling and transportation must be done safely in today’s industrial environment. When handling volatile liquids, flammable powders, or combustible gasses, the possibility of static electricity can be extremely dangerous for both personnel and equipment. This is where Type D FIBCs, sometimes referred to as static protective FIBC bags, come into action, helping to reduce these dangers and guarantee the safe transit of cargo.

Engineered for Safety

During the handling and transportation of bulk powders, anti-static jumbo bags are specially made to reduce static electricity and avoid fires or explosions. There are two main varieties of these bags: Type C and Type D. Type D FIBC bags provide a more sophisticated solution by safely dissipating electrostatic charge without the requirement for grounding, whereas Type C bags require grounding in order to dissipate static charges.

CROHMIQ(™) Technology

CROHMIQ(™) static protective FIBC is one of the most cutting-edge and well-known anti-static FIBC solution worldwide. This technology is well known for having excellent safety characteristics that completely removes the possibility of occurrences involving static electricity. Its dependability and efficacy are demonstrated by the fact that over 40 million CROHMIQ bulk bags have been used safely in flammable situations without a single industrial mishap being reported. Bulk Corp International Ltd. offers CROHMIQ anti-static jumbo bags of top-quality providing greater flexibility and efficacy while handling sensitive or hazardous materials.

Knowing Type D FIBCs

Type D FIBCs are made of woven fabric that has conductive filaments or threads woven into it. These filaments or threads allow low-energy “corona” discharges to safely dissipate electrostatic charge. Type D bags are more practical and easy to use because they don’t need to be grounded when filling or discharging as Type C FIBC bags need. A low resistivity lining is another feature of certain Type D bags or anti-static jumbo bags that lowers the possibility of incendiary discharges.

Benefits of Anti-Static Jumbo Bags

Anti-static jumbo bags, commonly referred to as Type D FIBCs, are an invaluable tool for companies that handle delicate goods due to their many advantages. Here are a few main benefits:

Elimination of Static Electricity

The capacity of anti-static jumbo bags to remove static electricity is its main advantage. Because these bags are designed to properly disperse electrostatic charge without requiring grounding, handling, and transportation, the danger of fires or explosions is greatly reduced.

Enhanced Safety

Anti-static jumbo bags improve workplace safety by avoiding the accumulation of static electricity and lowering the risk of accidents and injuries. Workers can handle and carry sensitive materials with confidence, as Type D FIBC bags act as a safeguarding unit against risks related to static discharge.

Cargo Protection

Flammable powders and combustible products stay safe and secure when stored or handled using anti-static jumbo bags. The risk of contamination or damage is minimized as these bags keep the invaluable material away from static charges. Further, the cargo’s integrity is preserved, while offering transportation flexibility.


Strict guidelines govern the handling and transportation of hazardous items in several sectors. Businesses can demonstrate compliance with safety standards and regulatory regulations and avoid any fines or penalties by utilizing anti-static jumbo bags.


CHROMIQ Type D FIBC Bags may initially cost more than conventional FIBCs, but over time, its numerous advantages greatly exceed the expenditure. Hence, in the long term, they are quite affordable as they reduce downtime, avoid mishaps, and safeguard cargo.


Chemicals, food processing, pharmaceuticals, sensitive materials industries, and more can benefit from the utilization of anti-static jumbo bags. Their adaptability renders them an essential resource for enterprises functioning in heterogeneous settings.


Anti-static jumbo bags provide an effective and dependable way to secure goods and get rid of static charges in industrial environments. Businesses may ensure the safe handling and transportation of sensitive products while limiting the risk of accidents and dangers by utilizing cutting-edge technology like ROHMIQ(™) and the improved safety features of Type D FIBCs. 

Industries can improve operating efficiency, protect personnel, and protect facilities from the hazards of static electricity by implementing anti-static jumbo bags. To get the top quality Type D FIBC bags, contact Bulk Corp International Ltd., they will guide you through the process.

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