Exploring The Benefits of Jumbo Bulk Bags Across Various Industries

March 06, 2024 FIBC Bags
Exploring The Benefits of Jumbo Bulk Bags Across Various Industries

FIBCs have been in use for decades by a number of sectors. These spacious and robust bags were made by manufacturers to hold and move bulky materials, such as chemicals, seeds, and crops, to mention a few. Over time, the fundamental design of a jumbo bulk bag remained constant despite periodic minor advancements. It is because these bags are effective in every sense of the word across a wide range of sectors.

What Are Jumbo Bulk Bags Exactly?

Large, sturdy sacks intended to hold multiple bulk materials like construction materials, chemicals, pharmaceutical products, mining materials, food products, and much more are referred to as jumbo bulk bags. These bags frequently feature loops sewn into the corners to help in forklift lifting. A liner that is sewn inside of them to help with moisture control may come with them frequently.

Benefits of Jumbo Bulk Bags Across Various Industries

Chemical Industry

Chemical industry products are frequently dangerous. Nonetheless, there are a number of ways to transport hazardous products in jumbo bulk bags that lessen the chance of static shock. Chemical industries typically ship their chemicals in powdered form, and the use of FIBC bulk bags prevents leakage or blowaway of the powder. Sift-proof seams, bulk bag liners, and closeable spouts are just a few of the characteristics that keep the products safe during storage and transit.

Agriculture Sector

In addition to creating food for human use, the agricultural sector also makes animal feed and livestock feed. The bags make it simple to store and carry these products because the manufacturers of bulk bags certify them as safe for food products and devoid of chemicals. Further, the jumbo bulk bags offer a unique design that allows the agriculture sector to maintain the quality and freshness of the stored products.

Mining Sector

Bulk bags are a great option for moving building and mining supplies. Thorough mining produces enormous amounts of goods. FIBC bulk bags are sufficiently robust, adaptable, and long-lasting to be obtained as needed.

Industry of Food Processing

Bulk bags are the ideal method of transporting food because most food that is delivered is powdered. The bulk bags are specially designed by the manufacturers for the purpose and are approved as safe for use in the transportation of goods fit for human consumption.

Petroleum Industries

Petroleum is extremely combustible in all of its forms and frequently presents serious concerns when being transported and stored. For safe shipment, the static generated by these products needs to be managed. This is when type C and type D jumbo bulk bags’ anti-static requirements come into play. Petroleum goods can be transported between locations in a stable and secure atmosphere because of these bags’ ability to control static electricity.

Construction Industry and Associated Sectors

For the transportation of materials like paints, metals, and minerals, the construction industry needs heavy-duty items that call for reinforced and durable material bags. There’s a good possibility they will break and tear and leak if you tote them full of delicate goods like lighter plastics. It can contaminate the things placed within or entirely dissolve the bag.

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