Why You Should Choose Baffle Bag?

February 27, 2021 Baffle Bags
Why You Should Choose Baffle Bag?

Storage bags are widely used for carrying different kinds of products, whether they are agro goods, fresh produce, and fertilizers or chemicals, cement, sand, etc. Since standard bags tend to bulge and often result in spillage when filled to full capacity, Baffle bags (also known as Q Bags) are specifically designed to address this issue. These bags are used to store and transport various types of products due to their unique features. Here are a few points that further explain what Baffle Bags are along with their utility and why you should choose them.

What are Baffle Bags?

Baffle Bags or Jumbo Bags belong to the FIBC category. They are, by far, the best option for applications where lack of storage space can be a limiting issue. These bags are built with baffles in their corners that help them to retain their cubical shape even after being filled to their full capacity.

They also come with a strong outer layer that safeguards the bags from damage, leakages, and spillage. Due to their unique shape, they consume limited storage space and reduce transportation costs by about 30% in comparison to other FIBC bags. Baffle bags are mainly used for transporting and storing, crops, certain chemicals, and minerals.

Baffle Bag Applications

Laminated Baffle FIBC Bags are used to store agricultural produce that usually gets ruined when exposed to moisture in the air. The uncoated variant is preferred for merchandise, such as sand and gravel, and minerals. They are also used for storing certain chemicals as well.

Benefits of Using Baffle Bags

Baffle bags offer enhanced storage space which is 30% more in comparison with other FIBC bags. They have the capability to contain goods weighing up to 2,000kg. These Baffle Bulk Bags hold their shape even when they are stuffed full and can be stacked neatly while transporting as well as in warehouses.

How Baffle Bags are different from Standard Bags

· Baffle bags can be stacked neater than Standard bags as the latter tend to bulge once filled to capacity.

· Baffle bags stay in shape as they have baffles on their corners and retain their shape even after being filled to full capacity, unlike standard bags.

· A regular FIBC bag that is filled to its highest capacity with goods can bulge a lot. Hence, they work well to transport certain materials such as gravel and sand, but they are not a good option when transporting finer, powder-like materials such as cement, fertilizers, etc. Baffle FIBC bags are made to store and transport these finer products.

· Since, baffle bags retain their shape even when filled to full capacity, they can be stacked on top of one another, which makes them a more compact and space-saving option than their counterparts.

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