Top Factors to Consider When Selecting 4 Loop FIBC Bags Manufacturer

December 18, 2020 4 Loop FIBC Bags
Top Factors to Consider When Selecting 4 Loop FIBC Bags Manufacturer

FIBC bags have transformed the realm of industrial packaging and transportation. Known by various names, such as Jumbo bags, Big Bags, Super Sacks, or Bulk Bags, among others, FIBC stands for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers. Used for various packaging purposes since the 1940s, FIBCs are the standard packaging solution for nearly every industry today. 

Why FIBC Bags are preferred?

Manufactured from high-quality flat or circular woven polypropylene (PP) fabric, 4 Loop FIBC Bags are strong, durable, and flexible. The best part — FIBC bags can be easily recycled. It makes these Jumbo Bags one of the most cost-effective, environment-friendly, and best packaging solutions for storing and transporting dry bulk materials, food-grade items, and even hazardous items safely. With all these properties in its court, FIBC bags have become the global industry standard and have successfully met the storage and transportation needs.

Choosing the Right 4 Loop FIBC Bags Provider in India

FIBC bags are indeed the ideal packaging solutions across industries. However, when it comes to choosing 4 Loop FIBC Bags Provider in India, you need to consider some crucial points to get the best benefits delivered right with your purchase. Here we have rounded up some pointers that will make your selection easy, informed, and hassle-free. Let’s take a quick look at them:

Infrastructure, tools, and technology

4 Loop FIBC Bags supplier you intend to choose must have the needed infrastructure as well as technologies in place for manufacturing premium quality 4 Loop FIBC Bags. With the right infrastructure comes excellence in product quality and punctuality in meeting the clients’ deadlines. Therefore, if possible, then make sure to plan a site visit before placing your order in bulk.

Certifications and Vital Credentials

These documentations are the benchmarks of reliability and reputability and ensure that 4 Loop FIBC Bags Provider strictly adheres to international quality standards. However, while searching for a service provider, you are more likely to come across a number of manufacturers who will claim that they have the ISO certifications. But the reality might be different. Therefore, before you start your business transactions with a given service provider, make sure to check if or not it is ISO certified.

Bulk Corp International takes pride in being an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, BRC Global Standard certified company. That is not it. We have many more feathers to our hat. And being a reputable and customer-friendly company, we will not hesitate to show you the proof of our excellence. Working with a fairly certified company ensures quality, affordability, as well as peace of mind. And we understand that.

100% Virgin Raw Materials

As far as the highest standards of food-grade plastic bags are concerned, these are made up of the best quality and 100% virgin PP resin. Make sure to choose a manufacturer who assures that they have used the same standard of materials while forging these bags.

Professional Expertise and Industry Experience

It is highly advisable to choose a company with years of experience and professional expertise in the industry. When you understand the needs and limitations of a given industry, it becomes easier for you to live up to the expectations of your customers. The same is applicable here as well. You can check this out by doing a little bit of research about them. The best place to do the same is their website. Or else, you can also ask for client references from them when you meet them personally. A good company is always transparent about its whereabouts and other relevant aspects.

Affordable Pricing

The affordability of the products is another crucial factor that you should also take into account while choosing 4 Loop FIBC Bags Supplier in India. Always remember one thing, the costs of raw materials are most likely to vary from time to time. Therefore, make sure to ask for competitive pricing from the supplier you intend to choose.

Right from shipping consignments in bulk to retail packaging, FIBC bags are ruling the roost all over. Moreover, there is no death of packaging options in the market. Therefore, choosing the right packaging material and manufacturer is equally important. It will help you to save money while reducing the losses to a great extent.

Now that you have an idea about FIBC Bags and how these make the best choice for storage and transportation across a wide range of industries, get in touch with us, the most reliable Cross Corner Loop Bags Manufacturer in India, to know more.

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