Three Things that Make Food Grade Bulk Bags Different From Other Bags

June 20, 2019 FIBC
Three Things that Make Food Grade Bulk Bags Different From Other Bags

Food Grade Bulk Bags Qualities

If you want to buy food grade bulk bags, to store or transport food grade products, it is important to know what makes food grade bags different.  Here are three things that differentiate food grade bulk bags from the rest:

The Materials Are Different

Food grade FIBC bags are made from 100% virgin polypropylene resin which ensures that the bag has zero recycled materials. There is a chance that recycled materials can contaminate food products and therefore, such materials are not used in food-grade big bags.

Quality of Manufacturing Facilities

Another standout feature of food-grade bulk bags is that these are BRC certified food grade bags meaning these bags are manufactured in facilities that are certified by BRC (British Retail Consortium). BRC certified food grade bags are manufactured in extremely clean and hygienic conditions and held to the strictest standards of quality. This ensures these bags can be trusted to pack and transport food products.  A BRC certified facility has proper pest control and ventilation, detailed record-keeping, strict personnel hygiene, metal detection, and light table inspection.

Comprehensive Inspection and Tracking

As these bags are used to store and transport food, manufacturers cannot take any chances with their quality. Therefore, each batch goes through a rigorous testing process, wherein, each bag has a unique ID and it is tracked right from its production to its delivery to the end-user.

It is imperative that you choose BRC approved food grade bags from a leading food grade FIBC bag manufacturer who gives due importance to food safety and ensures their manufacturing processes guarantee food grade bags that meet the industry standards of quality.

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