UN FIBC Bags can be classified in 3 Packing group

June 04, 2019 Packaging Solution
UN FIBC Bags can be classified in 3 Packing group

UN FIBC Bags are designed and certifies to carry hazardous material as defined by the UN. These are guided by International Norms and designed to ensure that dangerous goods are transported safely and do not pose any harm to the environment. At Bulkcorp International, our UN Bags are designed and tested by our experienced team, which ensures the bags meet the desired safety and quality parameters.

UN FIBC Bags can be classified in 3 Packing group, separated by the Degree of Danger:

Degree of Danger Packing Group UN Symbol Max. Volume
High I X 1,5 m3
Medium II Y 3 m3
Low III Z 3 m3

Packaging group 1 with UN symbol X is not applicable to FIBCs, but only to rigid FIBCs.
There are four types of FIBCs for dangerous goods made from woven plastics:
– 13H1: woven PP without coating and without liner
– 13H2: woven PP, coated and without liner
– 13H3: woven PP, uncoated and with liner
– 13H4: woven PP, coated and with liner

All UN FIBCs made at Bulkcorp are tested & certified at Independent Laboratory for the following mandatory tests: Top lift test, Drop test, Topple test, Righting test, Tear test & Stacking test.

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