Insect Control Tips to Know While Using FIBC Bags

December 23, 2021 FIBC
Insect Control Tips to Know While Using FIBC Bags

Piles of product packages, each running up to 3000lbs, stacked up neatly in a storage facility infested with pests, is a situation equivalent to a nightmare for any producer. Particularly so if you deal with food-grade products like sugar, flour, nuts, and pulses, etc., which are easy prey to insects and rodents. In such a case, the damage caused may tip your company‚Äôs balance sheet in the wrong direction. 

Tackling the problem of insects is inevitable if you have a large-scale storage facility to handle goods, be it food or non-food materials. Even when you are using properly sealed FIBCs to store the products, pests and insects may attack, causing damage to both the products and the bags. How can you prevent the quality of your product from getting compromised?

Here are some time-tested tips to control insect infestation while using FIBC bags for your products.

Make your storage preventative for insects to breed:-

Insects thrive in dark and damp places. They prefer nesting in any gaps between the stacked FIBCs. So make sure that your storage facility is exactly the opposite of dark and damp. Moreover, neatly pile up your bulk bags on top of each other in a single row so that the pests do not find any agreeable space to hide or breed.

Ditch open storage in the outdoors:-

Loaded bulk bags left out in the open for long periods will attract insects besides creating multiple other issues for you. So, it is best to move to cool and dry indoors for long-term storage of your product.

Stack the FIBCs carefully:-

Ensure that there are no chances of the bags toppling over and creating an inadvertent but convenient feast for insects in the ensuing spillage. 

Diligently seal the bulk bags:-

The FIBC Bags, once filled, should be securely tied or sealed to keep the contents safely within.

FIBC liners can keep out rodents:-

If your product is particularly favourite of such pests, consider having FIBC liners fitted into the bulk bags.

Chemical additives in FIBCs repel insects:-

Depending upon your product type, you can consider using such additives in consultation with the FIBC manufacturer

Apply pest control products:-

This can be an alternative, provided the product category permits such applications. Spraying the entire area with pest control products before storing your products in the facility will eliminate the future threat of pests.

If you are looking for reliable FIBCs to store your products in a safe and hygienic manner, contact Bulk Corp International for expert suggestions today!

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