FIBC FAQs Answered By Top Big Bag Manufacturer

May 17, 2021 FIBC
FIBC FAQs Answered By Top Big Bag Manufacturer

With the growing demand for FIBC Big Bags, more businesses than ever are bringing them into their operations. If you’re a first-time FIBC user or interested to know more about these bags, this blog is for you.

As a top FIBC manufacturer, we routinely encounter questions from customers regarding FIBC Bulk Bags. Here are some of them answered by our FIBC experts.  

What are FIBCs?

FIBC Big Bags, also known as bulk bags or jumbo bags, are the most economical and versatile packaging solution available for a wide range of products across industries. The full form of FIBC is Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container.

Why are FIBCs so popular?

Made of 100% virgin polypropylene, FIBCs are environment-friendly and can be reused and recycled.

Big Bags have the lowest packaging weight to transport weight ratio, and they are available in different shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of material including agricultural produce, food products, fertilizers, chemicals, construction materials, etc. 

Plus, they are extremely customizable. No wonder FIBCs are the most preferred choice for bulk packaging today.

How much weight can an FIBC Big Bag carry?

FIBC Big bags can typically carry weights in the range of 1000-4000 lbs (500-2000 kg), though customized bags can carry far more than the standard weight.

What is the Safety Factor in an FIBC?

Safety Factor in FIBCs is an industry-standard big bag to handle five or six times its Safe Working Load. Safety Factor is typically written in the form of a ratio, “5:1 or 6:1 SF”.

Can FIBCs be used for inflammable products?

Yes, Type C and Type D FIBCs can be used for dry, inflammable and combustible products. It is also safe to use these bags in a flammable and combustible environment.

What is a UV Inhibitor?

UV Inhibitor is an additive that is added to the polypropylene during the manufacturing process to protect the big bags from degrading due to UV rays.

What are UN-certified big bags?

UN-certified FIBCs are designed to carry environmentally hazardous chemicals. These bags must be certified by an external laboratory by the supplier and then only can these bags be used for carrying hazardous materials.

Do food-grade FIBCs have additional certifications?

Yes, to supply food-grade FIBCs, big bag companies need to adhere to specific industry certifications like AIB, GFSI, SQF, HACCP, FSSC 22000, ISO 22000:2005, and QS to ensure the quality and safety levels of these packaging.

How can FIBCs be customized as per my requirements?

A reputed big bag manufacturer like Bulk Corp can customize your FIBC in the following ways:

·         Bag Style or appearance can be circular, baffled, U-paneled, four-paneled, etc. Conductive or static dissipative properties can also be incorporated. 

·         Loops for lifting and transportation can be standard four-corner loops, cross-corner loops, single loops, etc.

·         Different Inlet designs like spout-top, duffle-top, open-top, etc, for different filling mechanisms.

·         Outlet design for unloading materials also depends on discharge mechanisms used.

Contact us at Bulk Corp International for a consultation regarding your customized FIBC requirements.

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