Why should you choose UN-Certified FIBC Bags?

November 16, 2022 FIBC Bulk Bags
Why should you choose UN-Certified FIBC Bags?

Transporting & Storing of Hazardous chemicals is always risky and UN FIBC Bags are always recommended for packing such products.

What are UN-Certified FIBC Bags?

UN-Certified FIBC Bags are uniquely designed & produced to store & transport harmful or hazardous materials. The structural integrity is designed differently from other standard FIBC bags in the market.

At Bulk Corp International, we sell the highest quality of UN-Certified FIBC Bags, produced from the finest quality materials.

How are UN-Certified Bags different from other bags?

In certain circumstances, a standard FIBC Bag may not meet the pre-requisites for storing & transporting risky & hazardous materials. UN Certified FIBC Bags are specifically designed for storing & transporting such materials.

UN Certified Bags are required to meet different specifications & testing norms. However, these requirements are not only restricted to:

  • Having distinguished labeling, tag, and name
  • Pre-eminent level testing norms
  • Parameters on maximum volume

It is to be ensured that the listed testing norms & specifications and followed and the labelling & tagging are appropriate for an FIBC Bag to be sold under the name UN-Certified FIBC Bags.

UN Certified FIBC Bags testing procedure

FIBC Bags must undergo a testing procedure listed by the UN to obtain the status of UN Certified FIBC Bags. The procedure includes the following:

  • Top Lift: must pass the top life test with 6:1 safety factor
  • Stacking: the bag must hold 1.8 times the required stacking weight for 24 hours
  • Drop: Scrutinizing content loss from by dropping the bag from a height
  • Righting: The bag is lifted into the upright position to inspect the damage to the bag
  • Topple: The bag is toppled on any part of the top to scrutinize content loss
  • Tear: During the knife cut test, 10 cm cut is made on the bag with a knife

Why should I buy UN Certified FIBC Bags from Bulk Corp International?

Bulk Corp International is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14000: 2015, ISO 45000:2018, and BRC-ISSUE VI, a certified company by INTERTEK. Bulk Corp International is one of the leading UN Certified FIBC Bags Manufacturers, maintaining international standards throughout the entire process.

Our UN Certified FIBC Bags are safe to use and transport harmful chemicals.

At Bulk Corp International, we have a team of highly experienced professionals who conduct rigid testing procedures to ensure our FIBC Bags obtain UN Certified status.

Contact us today for the best pricing quotation for UN Certified FIBC Bags. You can even reach out to us via call at +91-79-29795319, +91-79-29795336, or via email at You can even raise enquiry via form on our website. 

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