Why should you choose FIBC Bulk Bags over Gaylord Container?

March 21, 2023 FIBC Bulk Bags
Why should you choose FIBC Bulk Bags over Gaylord Container?

Corrugated Gaylord Containers were one of the most preferred containers in the 90s and early 2000s decades. But gradually, over time, they got replaced by FIBC Bulk Bags. Currently, FIBC Bulk Bags are the first choice storage bags in countless industries worldwide.

Corrugated Gaylord Containers are still the right storage option for shipping & storing the products. In this blog, we will walk you through why you should prefer FIBC Bulk Bags over Corrugated Gaylord Containers.

What are Corrugated Gaylord Containers?

Gaylord Container Box is a large-size cardboard (corrugated) container that allows you to ship and store a pallet’s worth of products & materials in a single container. Gaylord Containers fit neatly on top of standard pallets.

Gaylord Boxes have two-six layers of walls of corrugated cardboard. The thickness & paperweights comprising the walls determine the burst or stacking strength of each Corrugated Gaylord Box.

What is FIBC Bulk Bags?

FIBC Bulk Bags are one of the most cost-effective packing options for the storage & transportation of a vast range of materials, such as food products, agricultural produce, chemicals, construction materials, landscape debris, and more.

FIBC Bulk Bags are manufactured from a tubular/flat woven fabric woven on circular looms for making the different types of FIBC Bags. FIBC Bulk Bags offer single-trip (5:1) and multi-trip (6:1 & 8:1). You will get an SWL range of 250 – 2,000kg.

4 Reasons why you should FIBC Bulk Bags over Corrugated Gaylord Containers

1. Excellent Durability & Resistance

FIBC Bulk Bags offers robust protection for the products & materials. FIBC Bags are made of woven polypropylene (PP), which provides excellent durability & strength over Gaylord Containers.

FIBC Bags are designed to handle heavy loads and resistance from wear & tear, punctures, moisture, water, and other natural contaminants over Gaylord Containers.

FIBC Bulk Bags also provide UV protection & degradation from exposure to sunlight, making them the perfect outdoor storage & transportation option over Gaylord Containers.

2. Time & Cost Saving

FIBC Bags are cost-effective storage options for the transportation of bulk materials. FIBC Bulk Bags are lightweight, foldable, stackable when not in use, space-saver, and reduce transportation costs over Gaylord Containers.

You can quickly load & unload FIBC Bulk Bags. You can directly fill materials inside the bag via a conveyor belt and lift it effortlessly with a forklift or a crane.

On the other hand, Gaylord Containers are bulky, require much space for storage & transportation, and increase transportation costs. And they need a separate pallet for loading materials onto it.

They can only be moved via a pallet jack or a forklift, resulting in increased time & labor for the loading & unloading process.

3. Versatile

FIBC Bulk Bags are more versatile than Gaylord Containers as they come in various sizes & shapes. You can customize FIBC Bulk Bags according to your requirements & needs of your products & materials.

You can select the lifting loops, bag opening, and bottom closure according to your preferences & requirements. All these features & options make FIBC Bulk Bags one of the effective storage options for transportation & handling.

On the other hand, Gaylord Containers offer different sizes & shapes; however, they can’t be customized according to your requirements & needs.

With FIBC Bulk Bags, you can store a vast range of products & materials for numerous industries, such as chemicals, minerals, cement, sand, landscape debris, food products, and more.

In comparison, Gaylord Containers are only used for limited purposes, such as fine powders, grains, and small parts.

4. Environment-Friendly

FIBC Bulk Bags offer single-trip & multi-trip options, which means you can either use it for a single time or reuse it multiple times, reducing the waste and cost of buying new bags often. FIBC Bulk Bags are an environment-friendly option; you can recycle them and can easily dispose of them after use.

On the other hand, Gaylord Containers are made from corrugated cardboard, and they are not an environment-friendly option, neither durable nor recyclable like FIBC Bulk Bag. You can only use them once and then dispose of them.


After reading the blog, you will have clarity on why you should opt for FIBC Bulk Bags over Corrugated Gaylord Container Boxes. However, if you have questions about any of our FIBC Bulk Bagscontact us, and we will contact you.

At Bulkcorp International, we manufacture a wide range of FIBC Bulk Bags. For a quotation, contact us at +91-79-3533 6805 or +91-79-3533 6804 or email

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