Why do different Industries Require Customizable Bulk Bags

August 22, 2022 FIBC Bulk Bags
Why do different Industries Require Customizable Bulk Bags

FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) are popularly known as bulk bags. They are commonly used when industries have to move products from one place to another. These Bulk Bags can efficiently store any dry flowable materials, combustible items, animal feed, etc. Moreover, these FIBC Bags do not occupy a lot of space on-site because of their ability to contract themself when not in use. Even when Bulk Bags are in use, all industries have their unique specific requirements in terms of their target product where the Bulk Bag is used. So, to get the best out of these Bulk Bags, industries should Customise Bulk Bags which also provides additional advantages that are listed down below: –

1. Type of your Product decides type of your Bag:

Every business provides solutions through different kinds of products. These products may be flammable or non flammable especially in terms of packaging, storing and transporting. This is where it becomes essential to choose your Type of the bag be it A, B, C or D which aligns with your product. At Bulk Corp, the designing, features and fabric of each bag is varied so that they can handle your products better.

2. Pay only for the needed Size:

If you choose a standard Bulk Bag without customising it, you may lose on the extra space if your product is not filled up to the brim of the bag. Moreover, it can turn out to be expensive for you wherein you might be paying for the extra space which is not even used. In the case when your product is overflowing in the bag, it explains why it would need a bigger bag and at the same time explains your need to customise the bag. Moreover, when the bags are customised with specific filling and discharge outlets, these FIBC Bags can address the faster filling as well as discharge operations. Additionally, when you customise your Bulk Bag, it turns out to be cost effective for you so that you can budget your business towards better branding, product tracking through barcoding as well printing labels in accordance with the company specific colours for the respective product.   

3. Safer storage and transportation:

When the FIBC Bulk Bags are customised, they fall in place at the industrial site where they are used. They match the size of the pallet where these bags are stored as well there is an ease in transporting them as well.

At Bulk Corp, you can count on us in terms of better ways to package to protect your products. If you want to know in-depth how you can customise your bag, feel free to contact us.

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