3 Things to keep in Mind When Choosing a Food Grade FIBC Bags Manufacturer in India

June 13, 2019 FIBC
3 Things to keep in Mind When Choosing a Food Grade FIBC Bags Manufacturer in India

Now that you have decided to use Food-Grade FIBC Bulk Bags, you will need to choose the best FIBC bags manufacturer. It is easier said than done because there are plenty of suppliers in the market. So how do you go about choosing the one, whose FIBC food grade bags you can trust?

Here are 3 things you must look for in your FIBC bags exporter in India:

Stay away from suppliers making false claims

There are plenty of suppliers who make false certification claims. So, make sure you avoid such suppliers. There might be suppliers who will claim to have certifications that are actually non-existent or which they don’t have. Make a list of FIBC manufacturers and talk to them about their certifications; make sure to ask for proof of these certifications before you decide to work with one of them.

100% virgin polypropylene resin

The best food grade bags are manufactured using 100% virgin polypropylene resin. So, choose a manufacturer who guarantees it is manufacturing bags using this material. This is critical because food grade bags cannot be manufactured using recycled materials as this will result in food contamination.

Successful Track Record

You must choose an FIBC Bags manufacturer who has the required expertise and experience in not only producing excellent food grade bulk bags but also understanding the needs of the food industry. They must have experience in delivering on the requirements of various clients in the food industry. When you set up a meeting with them, it will be a good idea to ask for client references.


It is imperative that you do a bit of research into the FIBC Bag Manufacturer you are planning to do business with. It’s important to remember that you are going to establish a long-term relationship with the manufacturer and you cannot afford to go wrong.

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