A Mini Guide on Conductive FIBC Bags

March 23, 2021 FIBC Conductive Bags
A Mini Guide on Conductive FIBC Bags

Conductive FIBC bags, also known as Type C Conductive bags or Anti-Static Bags, are an industry standard for handling and storage of combustible and flammable materials. Because of the critical nature of the job they do, these bags have to follow certain standards to validate their function and quality.

If you’re looking to purchase Conductive FIBCs for your business, here is a mini-guide you should read to make an informed decision.

Classification for Type C FIBCs

Conductive Type C Bulk Bags are used for the sole purpose of preventing electrostatic accidents. They are designed by Conductive Type C Bulk Bags Suppliers keeping in mind the need for grounding. As a result of which they can be used in a variety of hazardous applications. These bags are built from conductive materials entirely or should be woven using interconnected woven threads. For a stripe pattern, the threads should not be more than 20cm apart and for the grid pattern, they should not extend further than 10cm.

Types of Inner Lining for Type C FIBCs

Conductive Bags Providers use two lining types for their FIBCs. For these bags, only Type L1 and L2 inner lining are accepted.

Type L1 Requirements

The materials used for this type provide surface resistivity which is less than or equal to 1.0×108 Ohm per Square. In the case of a multilayered material or in case the resistivity of the surface does not meet this standard, a voltage of <4kV has to be maintained.

Type L2 Requirements

A crucial requirement for Type L2 inner lining is that the resistivity on both the surfaces should be between 1.0×109 and 1.0×1012 Ohm per Square. If the surface resistivity of one surface is between 1.0 x 109 Ω and 1.0 x 1012 Ω and of the other surface higher than 1.0 x 1012 Ω then, in addition, a breakdown voltage of less than 4000 V is required.

Grounding of Conductive Bulk Bags

Conductive FIBC Bags are usually referred to as groundable FIBC bags, as they have to be grounded in order for safe transportation of flammable products and other hazardous materials.

The multilayer materials, typically interwoven with conducting yarns, have to adhere to many standards that ensure that you and your product stay protected if the standards are followed well. The grounding aspects of these FIBCs depend on the type of bag and the internal as well as external materials used for crafting them.

Conductive bulk bags come with added design features that safeguard you and your products from the hazards posed by static electricity during transit or at the warehouse.

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