Things to Know About Static Protection in FIBC Bags

Things to Know About Static Protection in FIBC Bags

Chances of build-up of static electricity while filling and discharging Bulk Bags (also called FIBC Bags and Jumbo Bags) are rather high. This calls for adherence to proper safety measures, especially while storing and discharging inflammable and combustible products in Bulk Bags. One way to do this is through the use of specialized bags called anti-static FIBC bags.

Anti-static FIBC bags have features that offer protection from hazards that may arise from static electricity build-up, like fire and explosion. There are mainly two specific types of these FIBC Bulk bags — Type C and Type D — that offer static protection.

Type C FIBC Bag – Protection Against Electrostatic Charges

Type C anti-static Bulk bags are made from PP woven fabric with interwoven conductive yarns which run horizontally or across the bags. Grounding Tabs are sewn on both Bag top seam and bottom seam. This system of interconnection of conductive fabric and grounding tabs in the construction of Type C FIBC Bags allow these bags to dissipate the electro-static charges efficiently, eliminating the risk of electric shock or fire hazards at the time of filling these bags.

It is therefore imperative to ensure that these bags are properly grounded during operation.

Safe Application for Type C bags:

–       To transport flammable powders

–       In presence of flammable vapours, gases, or combustible dust

Type C bags cannot be used if: 

–        Ground connection is absent or has become damaged

–       Resistance from any bag to grounding point

Type D FIBC Bag – Protection Against Incendiary Discharge

Type D anti-static FIBC Bags are also known as dissipative FIBC bags. Designed to safely protect against and prevent the occurrence of incendiary sparks, brush discharges, and propagating brush, these are made of anti-static and static dissipative fabric. The electrostatic protection in these types of bags come from the safe dissipation of charge directly into the atmosphere through the specialised fabric. Grounding is thus not required in the case of the Type D bags.

Safe Applications for Type D bags:

–       To transport flammable powders

–       In presence of flammable vapours, gases, or combustible dust

Type D bags Cannot Be Used:

If the surfaces of these bags are contaminated or coated with conductive material like grease or other flammable or combustible material.

Anti-static FIBC Bags as Customised Packaging Solutions are competent ways to prevent electrostatic discharge and shocks in the workplace and increase employee safety. The market for FIBCs is steadily increasing because of the protection these bags offer.

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