Guidelines for storing & transporting products through FIBC Bags

December 17, 2022 FIBC Bags
Guidelines for storing & transporting products through FIBC Bags

FIBC Bags are the most versatile bags in the market as they are beneficial for packaging solutions for various types of industries ranging from agricultural to industrial, mining, construction, chemicals, and more. FIBC Bags are the best option for storing, handling, & transporting dry bulk products & fine powder, wet products, agricultural produce, cement, sand, minerals, and more.

One can use FIBC Bags for highly combustible materials & also for food products like grains, coffee, beans etc. However, many companies & industries tend to miss out on the safe handling of FIBC Bags which damages the products & materials, leading to heavy losses.

Guidelines for the safe usage of FIBC Bags

There are specific guidelines that one needs to consider while storing & transporting products & materials through FIBC Bags. Below are the guidelines you must follow for the safe usage & handling of FIBC Bags.

Purchase the right SWL FIBC Bags

The foremost thing you need to consider while buying FIBC Bags is checking the Safe Working Load (SWL) of the FIBC bag. Ensure to purchase FIBC Bags that meet the SWL requirement for your product. eg. If you want to fill 1000 kg in a bag, make sure that the minimum SWL of the bag is 1000 kg.

Do keep in mind the SWL requirement when loading wet products, as there are high chances of weight being increased once the product is inside.

Opt for Liner FIBC Bulk Bags

If the product being packed must be protected from moisture or is very fine, it is advisable to purchase an FIBC Bulk Bag with FIBC Liners. The liners provide robust strength to the inner walls of the Bags for keeping the products wholly safe & free from damage. The liners help in retaining the rich nutrients & nature of the products. The primary purpose of the liners is to increase the shelf life of packed items with factory freshness.

Handling by 4 loops

It is recommended that a 4 loop FIBC bag be always handled by lifting it with all 4 loops. It has been noted that sometimes the bags are lifted using less than 4 loops. This creates a distorted load distribution on the bag and might result in breakage of loops or the fabric.

Protection from UV rays

It is recommended to store all FIBC bags away from direct exposure to sunlight. FIBC bags must always be stored in a shed/ covered so that the UV rays do not impact the performance of the FIBC Bag. 


At Bulkcorp International, we manufacture, supply, & export the finest quality FIBC Bags. All our FIBC Bags are manufactured as per ISO Standards. It is recommended that the customers follow our suggested guidelines for safe storage & transportation of FIBC Bags.

Contact us today if you have any questions regarding guidelines for the safe handling & usage of FIBC Bags, and our skilled FIBC expert will assist you with the same. We are available for assistance over the call at +91-79-29795319 or +91-79-29795336. You can even raise your query via the enquiry form on our website.

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