The Advantages of Container Liner Bags for the Shipping Industry

April 14, 2021 container liner
The Advantages of Container Liner Bags for the Shipping Industry

A Container Liner Bag is a protective packaging bag designed for shipping dry bulk cargo in a safe and controlled environment. Also called Bulk Container Liner, these bags are placed inside shipping containers to form a protective lining between the cargo and the container walls. Thus, the packed product is safer than in any sack or standard packaging option.

Container liners have become increasingly popular in the shipping industry. In the mid-1980s, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) confirmed that the proven safety qualities of Liner Bags for Containers make them an effective shipping solution as compared to Big Bags. More companies are choosing to invest in them for shipping any kind of dry bulk cargo like chemicals, petrochemicals, minerals, food, seeds, agricultural products, etc.

Let us explore the advantages of container liner bags.

1. Significant Cost Savings

Packaging your bulk material inside container liners can substantially reduce your packaging and handling costs as compared to traditional bulk bags or sacks. You can save hundreds on packaging since there is no need for multiple sacks or bulk bags; not even the added pallets to take the weight of the goods.

Supply chain managers save largely in packaging every time they choose container liner bags from leading Container Liners Suppliers like Bulkcorp International.

2. Higher Productivity

Bulk Container liners can be easily loaded and unloaded with automated equipment like belt thrower, conveyor, or gravity-fed arrangement. This substantially reduces the handling time of such shipping containers. Bulk bags or sacks on the other hand require conveyor feed, forklift shipment, palletizing, and extra storage space. Besides, there are injury risks to staff members.

Thus, while it may take 48 hours to load a certain bulk product in a Big Bag, the same product, if packed in a container liner, can be loaded in mere 15-25 minutes.  

3. Less Wastage

Bulk shipping containers can be loaded both horizontally and vertically. Thankfully, container liners are so designed that they keep the cargo securely enclosed throughout the entire shipment process — right from loading, transporting, to unloading and storing.

The stronger construction and advanced design of Bulk Container Liner Bag makes them puncture-resistant, thereby reducing chances of leakage.

4. Reduced Product Contamination

High-quality container liner bags reduce the risk of product contamination during freight. But in sacks and bulk bags, there is a common risk of water, dust particles, remains of old products or even strands of bag’s fabric mixing with the current product and damaging it. Bulk Corp’s container liner bags offer safe and efficient transportation of bulk goods, protecting cargo from dust and contamination. Liner Bags for containers have received FDA approval for food-handling in the USA.

If you’re looking for a packaging solution for bulk shipment, there’s probably nothing better than container liner bags from Bulk Corp International who offers some of the finest container liners at competitive prices. Get in touch today!

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