FIBC Mistakes To Avoid: Expert Tips From Leading Big Bag Manufacturer

August 26, 2021 Big Bag Manufacturer
FIBC Mistakes To Avoid: Expert Tips From Leading Big Bag Manufacturer

Choosing the wrong bulk bag can have serious repercussions for a business. A faulty FIBC Bulk Bag or Big Bag not only compromises the safety and quality of your goods, but can also tarnish your company’s image. Plus, it can be a safety hazard for workers who handle and transport the products. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right FIBC bag that is up to the global standards and equipped to suit your requirements.

As an FIBC Big Bags Supplier in India with over two decades of experience in handling FIBC needs of a wide variety of customers from diverse industries, we understand the FIBC bulk bag mistakes that buyers often make. We know how these mistakes can put your organization on the back foot and what should be done to avoid them. Let’s put the spotlight on some of the most common FIBC mistakes so you can steer clear of them.  

Getting the Wrong Size of FIBC Bag

FIBC Big bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit varying package requirements. The most common mistake buyers make is choosing the wrong size of bulk bag. If your bags are not the right size, your workers will not be able to load and unload them efficiently. That will cause problems for you and your customers as well.

For example, a customer who fills metal balls in a bulk bag will need a small size bag as compared to a customer requiring bags for filling of pigments or chemicals or sand. The size of the bulk bag depends on the density of the product & the weight of the product intended to be filled in the bag.

To avoid such mistakes, try to work with an expert Big Bags Manufacturer, who can help you choose the right size and shape of bags for your products. A Bulk Corp International representative can guide you about how to define your product’s weight, and then determine the pallet size needed to hold the bags. To further help you choose the right bag, we may ask for information like how much you want the filled bulk bags to weigh, where would you use them, the bulk density of your product, etc.  

Ordering the Wrong Quantity and Quality

Quality and Quantity are two important factors to consider when buying bulk bags. Buyers often make mistakes in judging these two factors, avoiding which can save a lot of money.

Buying big bags in large quantities can reduce the costs – so you need to determine the right balance between quantity you need and money you spend. Buying extra bags that you wouldn’t need immediately at a lower cost is profitable than paying extra every time you make a purchase. Similarly, you can’t use the same quality of bulk bags for storing chemicals and food products.       

Choosing between Single Trip & Multi-Trip Bags

It is important for clients who intend to use an FIBC Bag more than once, to buy Multi-Trip Bags. These bags are specially designed by the manufacturers so that the client can use the bags more than once. Of course, the basic FIBC Handling guidelines must be met. However, by choosing to buy Multi-Trip bags, the client can save a significant amount of money in the long run.

Reusing FIBC Bags for the Wrong Items

Another common mistake packers make is reusing FIBC Bulk bags for food items or chemical products. Although it’s recommended to recycle Bulk bags, it is essential to understand that polypropylene fabric bags must be reused very carefully, especially if you’re storing food or chemical products.

Reusing an FIBC means it may contain residuals that pose contamination risks. Such a bag might be used to carry gravel or sand. However, it is not recommended to reuse bulk bags for transporting items like sugar, salt, pet food, or pharmaceuticals, which are at risk of contamination. Check the Safety Factor (SF) before reusing bulk bags.   

Choosing the Wrong Big Bags Supplier

You need a trusted FIBC Big Bags Supplier for an uninterrupted supply of big bags. Someone like Bulk Corp — with an established reputation as well as years of experience in manufacturing top-rated bulk bags for domestic and international customers — can be your perfect partner. Choosing a manufacturer with no proven track record or international experience can mean several risks besides the possibility that it could be detrimental to your business reputation.  

Ignoring Big Bags Manufacturer Instructions

An FIBC Big Bags Manufacturer in India always provide a list of detailed guidelines on how to use FIBC Big Bags. This is to ensure that you can optimize the utilisation of the bulk bags you buy. For instance, if you’re buying FIBC bags for transporting hazardous material that can get ignited due to the presence of electrostatic discharge, the FIBC Big Bags Supplier will give you instructions to do that efficiently. So, your bag stays safe from sparks or hazardous events.

It is important to follow the guidelines to use the FIBC bags to avoid any unnecessary damage to the bags and also to attain the results you need.

Always remember that Bulk bags provide the best results when used efficiently. Get the right set of guidelines from your Big Bags Company and get the most out of your bags.

If you have any questions or need help choosing the right packaging solution for your bulk shipment, there’s probably nothing better than FIBC Bulk bags from Bulk Corp International. We offer some of the finest FIBCs at competitive prices. Get in touch today! Our representative will be happy to help you.     

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