Why Should You Buy Ventilated Bags?

April 22, 2021 Ventilated FIBC Bags
Why Should You Buy Ventilated Bags?

Ventilated Bags or breathable bulk bags, as they are known popularly, are specialty FIBCs with ventilation stripes on all four sides, as an additional feature.

Owing to their woven PP fabric, FIBCs normally allow airflow while being sturdy, yet flexible. Ventilated FIBCs have additional air vents along with the woven fabric, which serve the specific purpose of air circulation. These air vents effectively prevent materials from getting spoiled due to moisture build-up.

Used primarily to store and transport agricultural products, these ventilated big bags are also used for bulk packaging of construction material apart from other applications.

Usage of Ventilated Bags

Ventilated big bags have multiple applications across a cross-section of industry, used mostly for materials that are needed to keep dry and breathing. A practical example is fresh produce, which when freshly harvested, contains moisture. If vegetables and fruits are allowed to retain this moisture in sealed packaging, they won’t survive the transit. Thus, ventilated FIBCs are used to pack, store, and move products like these.

Perishable agricultural goods like onions and potatoes find great usage in ventilated big bags that doesn’t allow the products to sprout or get moldy. Breathable bulk bags offer perfect bulk packaging and transportation solutions for products that tend to get wasted due to moisture formation.

Advantages of Ventilated Bags

With capacity ranging from 500 to 4000 pounds, Ventilated Big Bags allow up to 45% of ventilation and are available with a safety factor of 5:1, as per ISO 21898 norms. The safety factor indicates that such bags can hold 5 times the specified SWL.

The most prominent advantage of ventilated bags is undoubtedly its moisture protection feature that can protect your product from retaining moisture and getting moldy, resulting in wastage.

Like all FIBCs, ventilated bags can also have customized filling and discharge mechanisms (spout top/ bottom, duffle top/ bottom) to suit your needs along with varied color options.

Ventilated bags, like the standard FIBCs, are stackable and can be fitted optimally in limited storage space.

FIBC ventilated bags are equally low maintenance and an economic choice like their standard counterpart.

100% recyclability is also a major plus of ventilated big bags.

Bulk Corp International is one of the top ventilated bags manufacturers in India with over two decades of experience in providing quality packaging solutions to businesses worldwide. Get in touch with us today for your ventilated big bag needs and watch us create a customized solution that best suits your application.

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