BRCGS Certified FIBCs: The Ideal Packaging Solutions for Food Industry

June 17, 2020 FIBC, Packaging Solution
BRCGS Certified FIBCs: The Ideal Packaging Solutions for Food Industry

Bulk transportation of food-grade products or agricultural products in safe and secured containers poses a challenge for most businesses, as these products are bio-degradable and run the risk of being contaminated. The use of BRCGS certified FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) Bags, to transport food grade and agricultural products, come as great packaging solutions for the food industry

Food-grade FIBC Bags manufactured by Bulk Corp International, a leading provider of packaging solutions for the food grain industry, come with BRCGS certification and promises safe and protected packaging solutions for transportation and storage of your food and agricultural products.

What is a BRCGS Certified FIBC Bag?

BRCGS, which stands for British Retail Consortium Global Standards, is a certification issued by the British Retail Consortium, a UK-based organization that’s responsible for formulating and publishing international standards of food safety and quality. This is done through a set of clear guidelines.

A BRCGS certified FIBC Bag or a certified company that produces such bags adheres to the strict manufacturing guidelines set by the BRCGS and is recognized for its superior quality, safety controls, and high operational standards. This also implies that the certified manufacturers of these bags are legally obliged to provide protection for their customers.

These food grade bulk bags are specially made for contact with food and related products, from 100% virgin polypropylene resin which meets the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) quality requirements. These food grades FIBC Bags should be manufactured at BRCGS certified manufacturing units which follow the stringent quality protocols and food safety standards mandated by BRCGS.

Importance of Being a BRCGS Certified FIBC Manufacturer

A BRCGS certification is almost a mandatory requirement by all leading retailers. This means that those in the transportation and storage business of food and agricultural products will not buy industrial containers from you unless your company has earned the BRCGS certification and you adhere to their rigid safety protocols and quality control parameters.

To be a BRCGS certified FIBC Bags manufacturing company it is mandatory that you follow their guidelines and safety standards and pass all the stipulated tests and inspections. Also, to earn this international food safety certification, FIBC Bags must be produced in clean and hygienic facilities that maintain the undermentioned standards:

–       Inducting pest control parameters

–       Ensuring proper ventilation facilities

–       Maintaining proper personnel hygiene

–       Ensuring light table inspection

–       Maintaining proper personnel wardrobe

–       Installing Metal detectors

–       Enrolling for HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) program

–       Regular and timely record keeping

If you deal with transportation and storage of raw and processed food/dairy products or agricultural items, you should engage the services of a certified agricultural packaging supplier like Bulk Corp International. Our strict adherence to the quality control and other safety measures, mandated by BRCGS, has earned us the trust of our valued customers and placed us ahead of our competitors.

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