Why Ventilated Bulk Bags are the best option for maintaining the quality of potatoes during transportation?

February 06, 2020 FIBC, Packaging Solution
Why Ventilated Bulk Bags are the best option for maintaining the quality of potatoes during transportation?

What is a Ventilated Bulk Bag?

Ventilated Bulk Bag is a bag used for packaging and transportation of agricultural products such as Potato, Onion, Carrot, Ginger, Pineapple, Garlic, Orange, etc. The Raw Material used for producing Ventilated FIBC Bags is Polypropylene. The fabric for Ventilated FIBCs are specially designed to have good ventilation which helps in keeping the product fresh and alive.

Why Ventilated Bags are considered best for potatoes?

Potatoes require a good amount of ventilation and the temperature between 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit to remain fresh. To ensure that the potatoes get adequate airing, Ventilated Bags are recommended as by design the fabric of Ventilated FIBC Bags permits the required airflow through the fabric into the bag.

Farmers use these Ventilated Bags to store their potatoes and make them ready for transport to different markets or food suppliers across the nation. These types of bags are an ideal solution for the transportation of all the agricultural products. Farmers use Ventilated Bags to provide balanced temperature to the potatoes and other vegetables.

These bags are suitable to store the potatoes because of many reasons, some of them are stated as under:

●       Ventilated Bags Avoid Dampness, which is the Greatest Enemy of Potatoes

Potatoes grow below the soil in the cool and dark environment. After harvesting, when there is time to store them, it is very necessary to maintain the freshness. Ventilated Bags prevent dehydration, excess moisture, and ultimately keep them fresh.

●       Ventilated Bags keeps the Potatoes Farm Fresh

Maintaining quality as farm fresh is always a challenging task in storing and transporting all the agricultural products. We have seen that potatoes become soft, wrinkled, and mushy when they are not stored properly in favorable conditions and favorable storage bags. Ventilated Bags deter to all these situations and keep the potatoes fresh and alive. These bags keep the potatoes farm-fresh during the storage and shipping process.

●       Appealing Color of the Potatoes Does Not Change

Many times it is seen that the potatoes change their color as the environment is not favorable to them. Unappealing potatoes are not welcomed by anyone and this is highly depended on the storage conditions. When the potatoes are stored in the Ventilated Bags, there are very fewer chances of discoloration. Ventilated Bags are great in preventing direct sunburn.

●       Ventilated Bags Avoid the Fungal Infections to your Potatoes

Fungal infections and bacterial disease cause loss to the potatoes. Storing the stock in different proportions in Ventilated Bags avoids the chances of fungal infections to a great extent.

At Bulkcorp International, we use the strongest and lightweight material for our Ventilated Bags, ensuring quality product which meets the requirement of the client. These Bulk Bags can be customized as per the requirement of the end-user. These ventilated Bags are durable and are tested and can comfortably be transported over long distances.

Thanks for reading this blog and if you have any queries related to our Ventilated Bags, feel free to contact us. 

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