Why Food Grade Bulk Bags are Ideal for Commercial Food Companies

October 18, 2019 FIBC, Packaging Solution
Why Food Grade Bulk Bags are Ideal for Commercial Food Companies

Handling food items for various industrial processing is a challenging task. Gathering, transporting, and storing the raw materials to delivering end products at various commercial outlets demand a high level of finesse in every aspect, including the packaging material. Are you searching the market for efficient packaging solutions for commercial food items? For safe and productive management of food items in commercial food companies, you need to ensure quality, strength, and chemical inertness in the packing bags. The food-grade FIBC bulk bags produced by Bulk Corp International are the perfect reward for such quest. Here’s why successful commercial food companies rely on food grade bulk bags.

Food Grade FIBC Bags by Bulk Corp and Their Benefits

At Bulk Corp International, we understand exactly what you need in FIBCs for your commercial food company. Our expertise and dedication as the leading food grade FIBC bags manufacturer ensure the utmost satisfaction for all our clients.

The food-grade bulk bags manufactured at our state-of-the-art production facilities meet the highest standards for FIBC bags suitable for the extremely demanding food industry. Being BRC and OHSAS certified by reputed third-party auditors, our facilities promise superior quality and exceptional value.

Our ISO-certified bags are designed with Safety Factor of 5:1 for a single trip or 6:1/8:1 for multi-trip purposes and are recyclable so that you can make the most cost-effective decisions with these bulk bags.

Our FIBC Bags are made of polypropylene that makes them strong, durable, and chemically inert to most food materials. Depending upon the type and size of the bag selected, you can have an SWL capability of 250kg up to 2000kg.

Besides the varying capacities, you can also choose from a variety of bulk bags that serve every packaging need of the commercial food companies:

  • We manufacture bulk bags as Standard 4-Loop FIBC Bags with various Top and Bottom attachment options that can easily carry loads of 500kg to 2000kg.
  • For better utilization and more filling capacity, select our FIBC Q-Bags with polypropylene baffles.
  • Protect perishable food contents such as onions, potatoes, etc. by choosing our FIBC Ventilated Bags.

If you are looking for top-quality food-grade FIBC bags, be sure to check our entire range of products to find your best-fit packaging solution.

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