Reasons Why Bulk Corp International is Your Ideal Food Grade FIBC Manufacturer

October 14, 2021 FIBC
Reasons Why Bulk Corp International is Your Ideal Food Grade FIBC Manufacturer

When it comes to storage and transportation of food products, choosing the right FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) is extremely important. If you are not choosing the right kind of bag for your food material, there’s risk of contamination of food, making it unfit for consumption. To prevent such hassles, you need to find a certified and experienced food grade FIBC bags manufacturer who can ensure your food product is safely enclosed throughout the storage and shipment process. That is where we, at Bulk Corp International can help.     

We are the leading manufacturers of food grade bags with international standards packaging solutions that ensure no external agent can contaminate the integrity of your bulk food products. Our Food Grade FIBC Bags are one of the most effective and economical solutions for storage and transportation of food products.

Let’s first go over the basics of food grade FIBCs and find out why you need a food grade bag.

A food grade FIBC is a flexible container made with 100% virgin polypropylene resin and produced in a clean room environment certified by reputed certifying agencies like BRC. This is the main distinction between standard bulk bags and food grade bags.

Here are the top reasons why Bulk Corp International is Your Trustworthy Food Grade FIBC Manufacturer.

Food Bags Made With Virgin Resin

We use 100% virgin resin to manufacture our food bags, ensuring there’s nothing in the resin that may contaminate the food product you would package in the bulk bag.

Third party Certified Manufacturing Facilities

Our manufacturing facilities satisfy the highest quality control standards. We build all our containers in an extremely hygienic environment, making sure they do not add any contamination to your food during storage or shipment. A third party certification like BRC ensures that the manufacturing process meets the required standards in quality, cleanliness and trust.

Certified Safety Standards of Food Grade FIBC

Since food grade FIBCs store food items for human consumption, they are made to undergo stringent quality checks to ensure their safety standards. All our bags are manufactured in accordance with international standards, so you can be rest assured of the safety of our food grade bags.

Extensive Experience in the Food Industry

Your packaging supplier needs to be an expert about the ways in the food industry. Bulk Corp International has several years of experience with the food industry, hence can be of immense value to you.

Customised Solutions

Based on specific storage conditions your food product needs, we offer customised manufacturing solutions tailored for your requirements.

Contact us if you need a reliable manufacturer for food grade FIBC.

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