Reasons to Choose Food Grade FIBC Bulk Bags with BRC Certification

September 30, 2019 FIBC
Reasons to Choose Food Grade FIBC Bulk Bags with BRC Certification

Is your business a part of the Food & Beverages industry? It’s a top priority in F&B to use the right storage and packaging materials for the products. Choosing the wrong kind of FIBC bulk bags may incur minor losses in damaged products or even severe penalties for non-compliance. Worried about how to avoid such hassles? Choose the superior food grade FIBC Bulk bags manufactured by Bulk Corp International certified by both ISO and BRC. As the leading food grade FIBC bags manufacturer in India, we ensure compliance and quality for each jumbo bag we produce.

Like to know more about BRC certification to choose the right food grade bulk bags for your company? Follow through.

What Is BRC Certification?

BRC (British Retail Consortium) is a UK-based organization. They formulate and publish international standards of safety and quality across industries through well-defined programs and guidelines.

The BRC Global Standards (BRCGS) is an internationally acclaimed protocol in sync with the requirements of GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) standards. Around the world, more than 23000 companies have been certified according to BRCGS, till date.

The Importance of BRC Certification

BRC is an international standard for food safety management systems. A BRC certified company/product is recognized for its safety controls, high operation standards, and superior quality globally. This also ensures that the manufacturer is compliant with legal obligations for protection to the customers.

In other words, the BRC certification enables a company to earn its customers’ trust, gain value and acceptability over its market competitors.

Now, let’s learn about its impact on food grade bulk bags.

Food Grade FIBC Bags with BRC certification

BRC certified Food grade FIBCs are produced following the stringent requirements that meet BRC certification criteria. Starting from the raw material (100% virgin polypropylene resin) to the operational health and safety standards at the manufacturing units – these FIBCs are considered the pinnacle of quality.

We, at Bulk Corp International, as India’s top food grade FIBC bags manufacturer, ensure each recommendation is always maintained impeccably at our end. We are deeply committed to providing our customers with best quality, safety and security in each bulk bag, irrespective of its size, shape or purpose.

Are you looking for BRC certified food grade bulk bags? Browse through our exhaustive range of food-grade FIBCs and ensure safe delivery of your food products.

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