Using FIBC Bulk Bags for Wet Products

July 26, 2021 FIBC Bulk Bags
Using FIBC Bulk Bags for Wet Products

Conventionally FIBC Bulk Bags are used to store and transport solid dry bulk materials. However, with the increasingly widespread application of these bags, also known as Bulk Bags or FIBC Totes, businesses are finding innovative ways to use them.

 Materials for which FIBC Bags were not previously considered, such as wet solids, liquids, and other moist products, are now finding usage in these packaging solutions. Although the constraints of handling wet products in an FIBC Bulk Bag remains, top FIBC bags suppliers like Bulk Corp offer solutions that circumvent these issues. 

Here’s what you should know when using FIBCs for your wet products.  

Liquid Seepage off Wet Products 

The most prominent challenge of handling wet products in an FIBC bulk bag is liquid seepage through the woven mesh of polypropylene. This creates a problem wherever the loaded bags are handled or stored. Moreover, the chances of your product getting contaminated or wasted also remains. To counter this challenge, you can ask your FIBC bags supplier to incorporate a polyethylene liner inside your FIBC tote. This is an effective solution to the fundamental issue of liquid seepage, which protects your product, yet allows you to take advantage of the all the popular benefits of flexible bulk containers.  

Alternatively some customers also prefer to purchase a de-watering bag in which there are fine holes created in the fabric at the time of weaving. This allows the water to pass through but remains the product inside the bag. 

Wet Products Weigh More 

Wet products weigh more than dry materials owing to the water content. An FIBC of normal SWL carrying wet material poses a risk to the handler as well as to the product itself. It may happen that while in transportation, the bag gives away and your product is spilt, leading to loss of product and finances too.

Therefore, when choosing FIBC bulk bags for the handling of wet products, you need to consider the safe working load of the containers. Find out the ideal SWL of your FIBCs for the wet products you intend to use them for in consultation with your FIBC bags supplier. 

Discharging wet products from FIBCs

Normally, businesses use spout bottoms for the discharge of wet products from FIBC Totes. Now, the problem that arises in this system of discharge is the clogging of the spout. However, to get past this issue, you can have an oversized bottom discharge mechanism — spouts or full bottom discharge that can prevent the outlets from getting clogged. 

Are you considering FIBC totes for your wet products? Consult Bulk Corp International for the best packaging solution and get them sourced from the top FIBC bags company.

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