Choose FIBC Bags from Only the Most Reputed FIBC Bags Manufacturer

September 03, 2019 FIBC, Packaging Solution
Choose FIBC Bags from Only the Most Reputed FIBC Bags Manufacturer

Bulk bags or FIBC bags are industrial containers made from polypropylene fabric and are typically used to store and transport all kinds of solid dry bulk materials including sand, gravel, food items, hazardous materials, and more. These are an integral part of the logistics process of multiple organizations that need to transport any solid dry product in bulk quantities.

Bulkcorp International specializes in the manufacturing of Food grade FIBC bags. These bags are able to store and carry food items like Cashew, Coffee, Rice, etc. Manufactured under the top-class hygiene environment these bags will help you safely transport your Food Product in contamination-free bags to the end destination. The industrial campus of Bulk Corp International Limited is strategically located and is equipped with the latest technology to ensure that all our FIBC bags meet the highest standards of quality. Bulkcorp also possesses the mandatory certifications such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14000: 2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and BRC-ISSUE V for manufacturing of Food grade FIBCs.

As a business, you will have a unique storage and transport requirement as compared to other businesses or even your competitors. You, therefore, need to be able to choose FIBC food grade bags that suit your requirements best. Here’s a list of the various kind of bulk bags you can choose from:

Each bags has a specific set of qualities that can suit certain specific requirements. By choosing bags from a food-grade FIBC bag manufacturer like Bulk Corp International Private Limited, you can pick a bag type that perfectly satisfies your material storage and transport requirements.

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