12 Facts About FIBC Bags That You should know

January 21, 2020 FIBC
12 Facts About FIBC Bags That You should know

The official name of FIBC Bags is the Flexible intermediate Bulk Containers, they are also known as Jumbo Bags by many people. For the transportation and storage of different food items, these FIBC bags are used. They come with different options in filling, discharge, and lifting and one has to select the one depending on their intended use. Before selecting the FIBC Bags for your packaging need there are some facts about FIBC Bags that you should know.

Here, for your knowledge, some facts about FIBC bags are listed as under:

  1. FIBC bags are environment-friendly products. As well as being reusable, they can be recycled.
  2. Each bag has a different Safe Working Load (SWL) figure. This is best to define the weight which the bag can safely hold.
  3. FIBC bags are not recommended to hold liquids, although some come with a special coating to protect from moisture or condensation.
  4. FIBC bags also have the lifting loops which can be used to handle the bag using Crane or Forklift. These loops come in various sizes, depending on the dimensions of the bag and the requirement of the client.
  5. FIBC bags come with specially-designed discharge spouts like discharge Spout with Iris Protection, Discharge Spout with Petal Closure, Discharge Spout with Protection Flap and also others. The suitable one needs to be selected.
  6. FIBC bags also have multiple filling Options: Filling Spout, Skirt, Flap or Open Top. The option can be selected according to particular requirement.
  7. Some FIBC bags have a full drop bottom. The full drop bottom bag can be speedily and easily emptied, which is quite favorable to go with.
  8. FIBC bags have ample space to display any labels or any required essential information.
  9. If one needs FIBC bags for storing hazardous materials or items, one has the option to go with UN-certified FIBC bags.
  10. For catering to different requirements, they come in different styles and sizes to select.
  11. FIBC bags are strong in nature which adds to its durability and all bags come with the best security ratios.
  12. They are the ideal and most preferred solution when it comes to transporting food-related products.

If you are looking for FIBC Big bags, you can rely on us and if you are perplexed in selecting the right FIBC bag which will suit your requirements, you can consult us.

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