The Difference Between Ventilated Bags and Conductive Bags

The Difference Between Ventilated Bags and Conductive Bags

FIBC bags come in many forms. In this blog, we’ll talk about the differences between the two types of FIBC bags – conductive bags and FIBC ventilated bags.

What are Conductive Bags?

Conductive bags are a special category of FIBC bulk bags. Also known as Type C bags, these FIBCs are manufactured from materials interwoven with conductive yarns that form a grid pattern. They are used to store and transport hazardous products that may burn in the presence of electrostatic discharge. Conductive bags are popular packaging solutions for sensitive materials in combustible environments.

FIBC Ventilated Bags?

FIBC ventilated bags are made from polypropylene fabric and allow for proper circulation of air. They are best suited for storing and carrying perishable food items like vegetables and fruits.

FIBC Ventilated Bags vs. Conductive Bags

Conductive bags are meant to carry highly sensitive materials which can gather electrostatic discharge during the loading and unloading processes. These bags are groundable, i.e. they must be kept grounded throughout the filling and emptying processes to prevent explosions and accidents in hazardous environments. Grounding makes the bag safe from catching fire. The grid patterns on the bag connect it to the ground via a grounding point which renders it safe.

●     Conductive bags are used to carry flammable powders, dangerous chemicals, etc.

●     They cannot be used where the ground connection is either not present or is damaged.

●     These bags are extremely safe if they are used with caution and discretion.

●     The bags are designed in accordance with certain manufacturing standards that ensure safe storage and transportation of flammable contents. Adherence to the standards also protects you from accidents.

FIBC Ventilated Bags

●     They are strong, robust bags with air vents that allow good air circulation to prevent decay and damage to bag contents from moisture and humidity.

●     They are popular storage solutions for food and agricultural products like fresh farm produce, and construction materials. These need to stay dry and breathable throughout the transportation journey till they are getting unloaded and distributed.

●     These bags are assembled with corner handles for extra grip and strength.

●     They are customizable.

●     The safe working load may vary between 500kg to 2000kg.

FIBC Ventilated and Conductive Bag Supplier In India

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