What is Heat Treated Pallets? What are the benefits of Heat-Treated Pallets?

January 17, 2023 FIBC Bags
What is Heat Treated Pallets? What are the benefits of Heat-Treated Pallets?

No manufacturer wants their products & materials stored in FIBC Bags to get spoiled because of external conditions such as moisture, water, dust, and termites. Hence, it is essential to place the Bags on Heat-Treated Pallets. Heat-Treated Pallets are required for handling & transportation of all wood packaging materials used in International Shipments and even National Shipments across the country.

What is Heat Treatment?

Heat Treatment is a Phyto-Sanitary process developed by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC). IPCC is a treaty recognized by the World Trade Organization and administered by the Food & Agriculture Organization.

Heat Treatment involves sterilizing wood products for prevention from insect infestations & several types of natural contaminations. Heat Treatment is vital for wood products protection & materials inside the FIBC bags. Having the wood pallets heat treated ensures a safe, hygienic workplace.

How does the Heat-Treatment process work?

The International Phytosanitary Standard (IPS) for Wood Packaging has set guidelines for the heat-treatment process of all wood pallets. According to IPS guidelines, the wood pallets must be first debarked. Then they should be heated to a core temperature of 56 degrees Celsius for a minimum of 30 minutes to ensure that all the insects, termites, & natural contaminations get killed off.

After undergoing this process, wood pallets are stamped with a compliance mark for quality assurance, allowing them to be used & re-used for International Shipping.

Bulkcorp International is certified to perform the Heat-Treatment process as per International Phytosanitary Standard guidelines. We have the excellent capacity to produce wood pallets in large numbers as per the FIBC Bags order. We supply our customers with wood pallets that are safe to use for transportation & International Shipping.

Benefits of Heat-Treated Wood Pallets

There are numerous benefits of heat-treating wood pallets. Let us walk you through the salient benefits of Heat-treated wood pallets.

  • It helps in protecting against several health & safety hazards.
  • It prevents bags & materials inside the bags from insect infestations, bed bugs, larvae, parasites, & termites from damaging the wood pallets & spoiling the inventory.
  • It safeguards against natural contaminations like moisture, water, dust, mold, & mildew.
  • Best to transport & ship sensitive materials like food products, animal feed products, medical materials, chemicals, minerals, & more.


After reading the blog, you will be familiar with what heat treatment is, what heat-treated wood pallets, and its benefits. If you have questions regarding our heat-treatment process for wood pallets, feel free to contact us. If your company needs wood pallets along with FIBC Bulk Bags, feel free to contact us to let us know your requirement, and we will make the wood pallets as per your requirement. 

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