What are the best uses of FIBC Bags in Bulk Transportation?

November 29, 2022 FIBC Bags
What are the best uses of FIBC Bags in Bulk Transportation?

FIBC Bags are the most demanded & sold bags in the market currently. The principal reasons behind this are durability, capacity, reliability, environment-friendly, and safer production standards.

FIBC Bags are primarily used for storing & transporting a wide range of materials such as food, chemicals, sand, cement, fertilisers, etc.

At Bulk Corp International, all our FIBC Bags are manufactured from a tubular or flat woven fabric and offer a larger storage capacity than other bags.

We design FIBC Bags as per client’s requirements and thus offer a wide variety of bags to choose from. We offer FIBC Bags for single-trip (5:1) and multi-trip (6:1) purposes. The SWL Ranges of our FIBC Bags are from 250 Kg to up to 2,000 Kg.

At Bulk Corp International, all our FIBC Bags are manufactured in conformity with ISO 21898, and certificates are held for the testing done at reputed labs across the globe.

Best uses of FIBC Bags in Bulk Transportation

FIBC Bags are a boon for bulk transportation, serving multiple uses in bulk transportation of different types of products. Let us walk through the best uses of FIBC bags:

1. Food Grade & Agricultural products

FIBC Bags are an asset for food businesses for storing & transporting food-grade products. You can pack different types of food particulars, be it dryable, grind, powdered, for storing & bulk transportation. You can use liners to keep the products fresh and free from contamination, moisture. You can even do bulk transportation of agricultural produce like crops, food grains, beans, seeds, vegetables, and fruits.

2. Chemical Materials

Bulk Corp International FIBC Bags are manufactured to ensure safe bulk transportation of chemical materials. Our FIBC Bags are durable, environment-friendly, & made from the highest quality materials to avoid any hazardous activity while storing & transporting harmful chemical materials.

3. Minerals & Pulverized substances

FIBC Bags provides a salient advantage in the bulk transportation of many minerals, such as Titanium Dioxide & black carbon. Bulk Corp International, FIBC Bags are designed meticulously to provide robust durability for bulk transportation of pulverized, bristle, delicate, and powdered minerals.

4. Flammable Products

FIBC Bags provides the pre-dominant benefit of handling flammable products, which can cause electrostatic charges by rubbing against the surfaces of bags leading to dangerous explosions.

Bulk Corp International FIBC Bags with type D static control are the safest bags for storing & bulk transportation of flammable products, and there are no chances of any haphazard accidents.

5. Construction Materials

Storing & bulk transportation of construction materials such as cement, sand, and other related products is always challenging. Using Bulk Corp International FIBC Bags, you can store & transport construction materials in bulk without any complications and in a simplified manner.


Bulk Corp International is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of FIBC Bags. You can use our FIBC Bags for storing & bulk transportation for multiple uses mentioned above in the blog.

Contact us today for the best pricing quotation for FIBC Bags. You can even reach out to us via call at +91-79-29795319, +91-79-29795336, or via email at You can even raise enquiry via form on our website.

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