What are Q Bags

August 24, 2022 FIBC Bags
What are Q Bags

Q Bags are a unique type of FIBC Bags that caters to the problem of bulging in the bags. These bags ensure that when the bag is filled with any sort of materials up to the brim, there is no bulging on the side of the bag. They maintain the shape and secure the products from falling over. If the bag is expanded on the sides, it increases the risks of accidents and poses a threat to the product inside the bag. Thus, during the entire process beginning from storing the product to safely transporting it to its respective place, Q Bags are used which give a straight shape to the bag.

How do Q Bags prevent bulging?

Q Bags are designed in unique shapes from U-Panel, 4-Panel, Circular/ Tubular that cater to unique requirements of the clients. In all of these varied shapes of bags, one unique element that is added in its internal construction is baffles. These baffles are in the form of strings or like fabric panels made from polypropylene and woven fabric. When these baffles are sewn inside each bag, it helps the bag to maintain a square shape instead of turning into a belly.

Are Q Bags made from virgin Polypropylene Polymers?

Yes, Q Bags are crafted from virgin Polypropylene Polymers, that makes it comparatively light-weight as well as resilient. These Polypropylene Bags, also known as PP Bags, are created from thermoplastic polymers in particular. This thermoplastic resin, also known as polypropylene, is obtained through the chemical process of polymerization of propylene. So, these well-structured bags then become ideal in terms of stackability as well as providing stability to the bag and improving its overall performance. 

What are the various applications of Q Bags?

One of the characteristics of this bag is that its overall look is neat and aesthetically appealing. In addition to that, when you purchase your PP bag from Bulk Corp, you not only save up the environment as these bags are eco-friendly but also save up on your pocket. This is why industries supplying dry free flowing ingredients like beans, seeds, wheat, grains, food ingredients, sand, fumed silica, minerals, resin, petrochemicals, chemicals, etc consider Q Bags as their go-to in terms of all their needs of bulk packaging.

At Bulk Corp, we not only take care of Q Bags by ensuring that it contains 30% more content in each due to its equal flow in the corners but also ascertain the fact that it is non toxic in nature so that our workers handling these bags are always fit in health. For more details, contact us now

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